Worldwide travel

Holiday insurance is essential if you are travelling abroad but make sure your policy fits your needs.

Check your destination

When you get a quote you need to select the correct area in which you are travelling. Sounds strange right? However, each insurance provider may have a different definitions of worldwide. Some policies have two definition of Worldwide, Excluding the USA and Canada in one and including them in the other. It’s important you check before you buy. It should be straight forward when you get a quote but do read the small print. You can find our full definitions under Geographical Areas within the policy wording.

Just because it says Worldwide doesn’t mean it will cover every country

You may believe you are purchasing a travel policy that includes cover no matter where you go but this isn’t always the case. If you are travelling against the advice or recommendation published by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office then your policy may not pay out. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office supports British citizens around the world. Their website is full of information split out into countries where you can find details of current travel advice, entry requirements, local laws and customs and much more.

Check FCO advice before booking your trip.

Worldwide Signposts to Different Countries

Worldwide travel tips

  • Have appropriate Worldwide travel insurance in place before you leave – save the 24/7 medical emergency helpline number in your phone
  • Find out if you need any vaccinations – some jabs require a visit to your doctors several times before you travel – see your GP for information
  • Check if you need a visa to enter any countries on your trip – some can take a couple of weeks to process
  • Don’t carry all your money as cash – try to split it out, have a look at pre-paid credit cards and travellers cheques
  • Read up on where you are going – learn some local laws and customs

Single Trip or Annual Multi-trip

You know where you are going and have just booked the flight, hotel and transfers so what type of trip insurance do you need for a worldwide holiday?

Single Trip – ideal for one off trips and holidays up to 90 days

Once your holiday insurance is booked, as long as you have cancellation cover in place, your cancellation cover will start from the day you purchase your policy. So even if your trip starts in two months, you have two months worth of cancellation cover.

Annual Multi-trip – save money if you are travelling more than once this year

If you will be travelling more than once in the next 12 months you may benefit from annual cover. One premium covers unlimited trips per year (maximum 22 days per trip with Silver cover; maximum 32 days per trip with Platinum & Diamond cover). So, whether they are weekend breaks away or 2 week summer holidays, you don’t have to buy insurance every time you travel. This can save you money in the long run. Cancellation cover starts on the day your annual insurance starts.

If you are travelling on a long-haul trip, it is essential that you have adequate Worldwide Travel Insurance so nothing can spoil your trip.

When you take out a Worldwide Travel policy with 24/7 travel insurance you will be able to relax on your holiday or trip – don’t forget to compare the levels of cover to get the suitable protection for your needs.

Worldwide travel FAQ’s

Do I need insurance in European countries if I have an EHIC?

Yes, you should still take out travel insurance. The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) can be obtained to help cover or reduce emergency medical expenses in state hospitals within EEA countries. If you should find yourself in a private hospital or need to be repatriated home your EHIC won’t provide cover. It is always best to take out travel insurance as well as using your free EHIC card.

Please note:  if you need medical assistance and you use your EHIC, your medical claims excess will be reduced to nil with 24/7 travel insurance.

What information should I take with me while travelling?

We suggest you take a copy of your policy documents with you. It includes important information on how to make a claim and what to do in an emergency.

What activities are covered?

All our policies cover over 100 activities at no extra charge, which can be seen here.

Am I covered if I take lots of smaller trips?

Yes, our annual multi-trip cover means you are covered for an unlimited number of trips within a 12 month period. This helps cut down the cost of multiple bookings and gives you the freedom to explore the world without worrying about insurance.

Please note, Silver cover provides travel protection for a maximum of 22 days per trip. Platinum and Diamond cover provides travel protection for a maximum of 32 days per trip.

I have a pre-existing medical condition, can I still get cover?

Our Single Trip and Annual Multi-trip policies do not provide cover for pre-existing medical conditions.

We have a separate product – Free Spirit travel insurance which is a specialist travel insurance policy for people of any age with medical conditions and disabilities. Click here to get a quote.

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