Cheap student travel insurance

Exams may have finished and you want to get away and enjoy time with your friends. We don’t blame you!

Travel insurance may not be the first thing that enters your mind when you are planning where to go, what flight to take and how many bags you are allowed on the plane. But it should be on your to do list before you leave home.

You can buy your student travel insurance instantly online as soon as you have booked your trip. This means you can be covered for cancellation as soon as your policy is in place.

What policies are available for students?

We have a special Longstay & Backpacker policy which is very popular amongst students. Ideal for longer trips abroad such as gap years, working holiday, volunteering and general backpacking. Click here for details.

If you are going on a shorter trip such as a 2 week holiday to Ibiza to enjoy the sun, sea and sand then our Single Trip or Last Minute policies may be more ideal.

Planning on a activity filled holiday?

Many students enjoy adventurous holidays abroad and you’ll likely be embarking on activities and treks that put you at a greater risk or injury. You need to make sure that the insurance policy you choose covers the type of activity you’re planning.

Image of students on holiday in the sun

Some handy tips for students shopping around for a student travel insurance policy:

  • Check what the student travel policy covers you for? Make sure adequate emergency medical and repatriation cover is included. If you are taking personal belongings with you check the baggage limits and that you are also covered for laptops, iPads, MP3 Players, etc.
  • Where are you going and how long are you going for? Make sure the policy covers you for every destination and the whole of your trip, including your departure and return dates. You must book your insurance before you leave your home.
  • Will you want to return home during your trip? Not all Backpacker policies include ‘return home’ cover. P J Hayman Longstay & Backpacker provides you with the option of 2 return home trips during your insurance period. Click here for details.
  • If you are going to be involved in any activities, check the student insurance policy to make sure that these are covered. If in doubt contact the policy provider to make sure that you are covered for all your activities – before you go!
  • Get a valid European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). This entitles you to free or reduced cost emergency medical treatment in EU countries. Remember, the EHIC is NOT a substitute for travel insurance and it is only accepted in state hospitals. For more information and to apply for this card call 0300 330 1350 or visit

Accidents and illness can and do happen for a variety of reasons and failure to have appropriate travel cover could leave you having to pay for high medical bills with your own money. You should note that such provisions as the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) will not necessarily guarantee your medical expenses in every European health institution – and certainly not anywhere outside of the EU.

It is important that you read your student travel insurance policy carefully before you go and check the instructions to follow in the event of an emergency or claim. Carry your travel insurance documentation and the 24-hour emergency assistance number on you at all times along with your policy number just in case you need to contact us!

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