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If you are planning on taking part in winter sports whilst on holiday our specialist Ski & Winter Sports policy will be ideal.

For those of you about to book a skiing or snowboarding holiday, it is essential to have specially designed winter sports travel insurance. For example, a standard travel insurance policy may not cover your own or hired ski/snowboarding equipment which means that in the event that your equipment is stolen you may be out of pocket!

Cheap Winter Sports Travel Insurance

Our winter sports travel insurance offers the cheapest and most convenient way to cover you and your family for a holiday on the slopes. Unlike standard travel insurance, our winter sports insurance is specifically designed to cover you and your equipment for the unique risk you may face.

Should the worst happen and you need medical assistance or wish to report lost or stolen belongings, you could be left out of pocket or with substantial medical bills depending on your destination. Don’t run the unnecessary risk and get covered today for as little as £13.59†

Also you need to ensure that the activities you are taking part in whilst on your skiing or snowboarding trip are covered by your travel insurance policy. If you have purchased a standard travel insurance policy and participate in an activity that is not covered and have an accident, you may be liable for the medical expenses bills which could run into many thousands of pounds.

Our policy has been specially designed for skiing and snowboarding holidays. It offers both Single Trip and Annual Multi-trip policies with three cover options, Essential, Standard or Premier, to ensure you get the right protection for your trip.

We provide free cover for Skiing and Snowboarding as well as over 100 non-winter sports activities. This means you can save money with an Annual policy because if you also travel during the summer you can take part in other activities knowing you don't need to purchase another policy.

There are a further two activity packs available to choose from if you want to take part in more hazardous winter activities. More information »

With three levels of cover to choose from you can travel with peace of mind knowing that your holiday is protected.

Whatever your level of expertise is on the slopes, we have a policy to cover you.

Some ski and winter sports travel insurance policy highlights:

  • Three levels of cover to choose from
  • Skiing and snowboarding included at no extra charge
  • Over 100 activities covered free
  • Medical emergency helpline open 24/7
  • Specialist winter sports cover
  • Protect your equipment, ski pass and more

Being properly covered for the unexpected is what Winter Sports travel insurance is all about, so you can relax and enjoy your skiing or snowboarding holiday all the more.

You can get an instant quotation and immediate cover online and if you arrange your cover as soon as you book your Winter Sports holiday you will be immediately protected should you need to cancel your trip.

We have a Ski Single trip policy which has been designed for individual trips, whereas if you are planning more than one holiday a year, whether you are skiing or taking a summer holiday, the Ski Multi-trip policy may offer better value.

Summary of the benefits of ski and winter sports travel insurance cover

For full terms and conditions, please read the Policy Wording.

  •  Sections & benefits

  • Cancellation
  • Departure delay
  • Missed departure
  • Abandonment after 24 hours
  • Personal possessions
  • Single article limit
  • Valuables limit
  • Delayed possessions
  • Personal money (cash limit)
  • Emergency medical (abroad)
  • Emergency medical (home)
  • State hospital benefit (per 24 hours/total)
  • Emergency return home
  • Curtailment (cutting short your trip)
  • Personal liability
  • Personal accident
  • Legal advice and expenses
  • 24/7 medical emergency helpline
  • Max. trip duration for Annual cover
  • Essential

  • £750
  • no
  • no
  • no
  • £750
  • £100
  • £100
  • £50
  • £250 (£150)
  • £2,500,000
  • no
  • £10/£200
  • £1,000
  • £750
  • £1,000,000
  • £5,000
  • no
  • yes
  • 21
  • Standard

  • £2,500
  • £300
  • £500
  • £2,500
  • £1,500
  • £200
  • £300
  • £150
  • £750 (£250)
  • £3,000,000
  • £500
  • £25/£500
  • £2,500
  • £2,500
  • £2,000,000
  • £15,000
  • £25,000
  • yes
  • 31
  • Premier

  • £5,000
  • £600
  • £1,000
  • £5,000
  • £2,500
  • £500
  • £750
  • £300
  • £1,000 (£500)
  • £5,000,000
  • £1,000
  • £50/£1,000
  • £5,000
  • £5,000
  • £2,000,000
  • £25,000
  • £75,000
  • yes
  • 45

Winter Sports Limits

  • Winter Sports Equipment
  • Single Article Limit
  • Hired Ski Equipment
  • Delayed Ski Equipment
  • Loss of Ski Pass, Ski Lift Pass and Ski School Fees
  • Piste Closure
  • Avalanche Closure
  • Essential

  • £250
  • £150
  • no
  • £10/£100
  • £20/150
  • no
  • £50/£150
  • Standard

  • £500
  • £300
  • £150
  • £15/£150
  • £25/£250
  • £20/£200
  • £100/£300
  • Premier

  • £1,000
  • £750
  • £300
  • £30/£300
  • £30/£500
  • £30/£300
  • £150/£450

Ski & Winter Sports Activities

We provide cover for Cross Country Skiing on marked tracks, Dry Ski Slope Skiing, Ice Skating, Tobogganing, Recreational Skiing, Ski School races, Piste and off-piste Downhill for free which includes Snowboarding On-Piste.

View Activity Pack Blue below for all activities automatically included with this policy.

Specialist Red and Black packs can be added to your policy on payment of an additional premium for those taking part in more hazardous Winter Sports activities.

Blue Pack (Free)

Winter Sports included for free:

Cross Country Skiing on marked tracks, Dry Ski Slope Skiing, Ice Skating, Tobogganing, recreational Skiing, Ski School races, Piste and off-piste Downhill.

Other non-winter sport activities also included for free:

Abseiling, Aerobics, Amateur Athletic Field Events/Track Events, Angling, Animal Sanctuary/Refuge Work, Archery, Athletics

Badminton, Ballooning – Hot Air, Bamboo Rafting, Banana Boating, Bar Work, Baseball, Basketball, Beach Games, Biathlon, Billiards, Bird Watching, Body Boarding, Bowling, Bowls, Boxing Training, Bridge, Bridge Swinging, Bungee Jumping

Camel Trekking, Camping, Canoeing (excluding white water), Caravanning, Catamaran Sailing (in-shore), Chess, Clay Pigeon Shooting, Climbing, Cricket, Croquet, Curling, Cycle Touring, Cycling

Dancing, Darts, Deep Sea Fishing, Diving, Driving Any Motorised Vehicle

Elephant Trekking (UKbooked)

Fell Running, Fell Walking, Fencing, Fishing, Fives, Flag football, Flying as a passenger other than in a fully licensed passenger carrying aircraft (private/small airline) and for no other purpose, Flying ex crew/pilot, Football, Football – Beach Kick Around, Fresh Water/Sea Fishing, Frisbee, Fruit or Vegetable Picking

Glass Bottom Boats, Gliding (learning non competition), Golf, Gorilla Trekking, Gymnastics, Highland games, Hiking up to 1,000 metres, Hill Walking up to 2,000m, Historical Research, Horse Riding, Hot Air Ballooning

Indoor Skating

Jet Boating, Jet Skiing, Jet Skiing (non incidental), Jogging, Kayaking (up to grade 2 rivers only)

Keepfit, Kiting, Korfball

Low Ropes

Manual Labour (work that involves the lifting or carrying of heavy items less than 25kg, work at below the level of 2 storeys high but excluding any form of work underground), Marathons, Model Flying, Motorcycling with appropriate UK licence, Mountain Biking (on road non-racing)



Petanque, Pigeon racing, Pony Trekking, Pool, Power lifting


Rackets, Rafting, Rambling, Rambling under 1,000m, Rap Running/Jumping, Raquet Ball, Re-Enactment, Restaurant Work, Rifle Range, Ringos, River Walking, Rock Scrambling (under 4,000m), Rounders, Rowing, Running

Sprint/Long Distance, Safari (UK organised), Safari Trekking, Sail Boarding, Sailing, Sailing/Yachting Inshore & recreational (inland and coastal waters), Scuba Diving to 30m (if qualified or with qualified instructor – not solo), Sea Fishing, Shinty, Shooting, Shooting (target range-not hunting), Small Bore Target Shooting, Snooker, Snorkelling, Softball, Squash (amateur), Surfing (amateur), Swim Trekking, Swimming, Swimming with Dolphins, Sydney Harbour Bridge

Table Tennis, Team Games, Ten Pin Bowling, Tennis, Trekking 1,000m, Triathlon, Tubing, Tug of War


Water Skiing (amateur), Waterskiing/Windsurfing/Snorkelling, Weight Lifting, WhaleWatching, White Water Rafting + Canoeing (grade 1 to 3), Windsurfing, Working

Yachting inshore & recreational (inland and coastal waters), Yoga

Red Pack

Big Foot Skiing

Glacier Walking

Dog Sledding (non-competitive with experienced local driver)

Mono Skiing


Ski Touring using skin


Snow Carting

Snow Surfing

Snowboarding off piste


Work as a ski Rep/Chalet staff.

Also includes all of Activity Pack Blue.

Black Pack


Snow Kiting

Glacier skiing

Ski Biking

Ski or Snowboard race training


Bob Sleighing

Ski Touring

Snow Tubing

Work up to and including a Ski Guide.

Also includes all of Activity Pack Blue and Activity Pack Red.

If you can't find your activity, please contact us on 02392 419 044. We are open Monday to Friday 8am-6pm, closed Bank Holidays.

Top tips for buying winter sports insurance and ski insurance

Policy limits – check the policy wording to make sure the cover and policy limits are suitable for your needs. Ensure the ski insurance policy includes cover for emergency medical expenses with repatriation back to your home country and also for Cancellation which is the second largest cause of claims after medical expenses.

Ski equipment – if you are taking your own make sure the policy cover is high enough. Check particularly that the single item, pair or set limit is sufficient for your needs. It is also worth remembering that the older the skis or boots are, the more the claim will be reduced – travel insurance does not typically cover 'new for old'.

Hired equipment – if you are hiring skis, boots, snowboards, etc check that the policy covers equipment on hire for which you are still responsible for. If you were to lose the equipment or have it stolen you may be liable.

Unattended items – check the policy wording to make sure that there is a sensible approach to losses of both ski equipment and for example valuables and jackets.

Policy excesses – the cheapest policies typically on price comparison websites tend to have higher policy excesses. On the emergency medical expenses section these can sometimes be as high as £400 which will knock out most small claims and is still a lot to find for the larger claims as well. A £75 or £100 excess would be reasonable – our Premier Policy has an excess of just £50.

Winter sports activities – Insurers will define what they are prepared to accept as a Winter Sports activity and those which they deem to be hazardous activities and will not cover. It is important to check that the Insurers interpretation matches your expectation. Be particularly wary of snow parks and off-piste which are often not covered. If in doubt you should check with the insurance provider.

European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) – one of the important things not to rely on is the European Health Insurance Card which will only cover hospitalisation in State hospitals which typically aren't close to the ski resorts. Also, the EHIC will not cover you for such things as cancelling your trip, loss of personal possessions and repatriation costs back to your home country. Please note:  if you need medical assistance and you use your EHIC, your medical claims excess will be reduced to nil with 24/7 travel insurance.

Most importantly make sure that you insure – the number of people having to make a claim on skiing and snowboarding holidays is far higher than for summer breaks and broken bones cost a lot to fix particularly in the USA and Canada and increasingly so in Europe.

Winter Sports travel insurance FAQs

What is the maximum age limit?

For Single Trip Ski policies the maximum age is 75 years old (65 years old for Essential cover). Annual Multi-trip Ski policies have a maximum age of 65.

Are trip limits applicable to Annual cover?

If you have purchased an Annual Multi-trip Ski policy there will be a maximum number of days allowed per trip.

Please see table below for maximum trip lengths:

Cover Level Maximum trip length
Essential 21 days
Standard 31 days
Premier 45 days

What’s the difference between Single Trip and Annual Multi-trip?

Single Trip's are one off trips or holidays. You are covered for cancellation as soon as you have booked your holiday and purchased your insurance and duration is based on your departure and return dates.

Annual Multi-trip policies are ideal for those who travel more than once in a 12 month period. You are covered for a years worth of travelling and the premium you pay will usually be cheaper than taking out multiple, or even just two, Single Trip policies. You are covered for cancellation from the moment you buy your policy. You can travel an unlimited number of times in a policy year so whether you are taking a short break to Paris or a skiing adventure to the Alps you don't have to purchase travel insurance each time. There are maximum durations per trip and these are shown in the Summary of Benefits above.

Can I go Skiing Off-Piste?

You are covered for Skiing on and off-piste for free. It is listed in Activity Pack Blue which is covered as standard when you purchase a Ski policy.

Snowboarding on-piste is also covered under Activity Pack Blue but if you wish to go Snowboarding off-piste you will need to add Activity Pack Red to your policy with an additional premium.

What sports do you actually cover?

Many insurance policies will only cover you for some sports, so you need to read through the whole policy very carefully to find out exactly what you are and aren't covered for. It may be that you need to select an additional activity pack to include on your basic policy if you plan on doing a specific winter sport that isn't included in the standard insurance policy. You can see a full list of activities covered (and more activities that can be added with payment of an additional premium) on this page of the site in the ‘Ski & Winter Sports Activities’ section.

When should I book my winter sports holiday?

It's easy to assume that if you are going to a cold destination, there will be snow all year round and you can book your winter sports holiday for whenever suits you best. However, even ski resorts have seasons, so do your research before you book anything. It might be nice to stay in a ski chalet, but if you want to make the most of the winter sports on offer, you need to go at the right time of year. Speak to your travel agent and see what they would recommend before you book.

What if there is adverse weather?

You may have been looking forward to your skiing holiday for months, only to find when you get there that the weather isn't right and you aren't allowed on the slopes after all. There might not be enough snow or there could be an avalanche risk. Your holiday is effectively ruined, but does your travel insurance cover you for this sort of thing? Read the policy carefully to see what you are covered for and make sure you book your winter sports holiday for the right time of year.

By getting specialist Ski & Winter Sports travel insurance you can get protected for specific winter sports cover such as Piste Closure and Avalanche Closure. Select carefully the level of cover to ensure you are purchasing the correct cover needed, for example Essential cover doesn't include Piste Closure but Standard and Premier cover do.

Do I need skiing lessons?

If you have never done any winter sports before, you might want to think about having some lessons before you go. The last thing you want is to get to the top of the slopes and then panic because you don't know how to get down. Book yourself in for a few lessons at a dry slope before you go, or arrange to have some tutoring when you arrive at your destination. Even if you only learn the basics, it will make you feel more confident when you arrive.

Cover options


Our ski policy already includes activities which you can view above. There are a further two activity packs you can choose if you want to take part in more hazardous winter sports activities.


All policies are subject to an excess.

Essential – £100

Standard – £75

Premier – £50

Except for claims in respect to property damage under personal liability which increases to £250.

† Ski & Winter Sports £13.59 Essential cover – Based on an individual aged 18 – 35 going on a 3 day skiing trip to Europe excluding Spain. Extending this trip to 7 days would cost £23.01.

* Single Trip Ski maximum age is 75 years old (65 years old for Essential cover). Annual Multi-trip Ski policies have a maximum age of 65.

Get covered abroad on your skiing and snowboarding holiday with this specialist travel insurance.
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