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If you aren’t sure which sort of insurance you need, take a look at the categories below to help you narrow down your choice. Whether you need a single trip policy, or something for a long stay or backpacking holiday, you’ll find information tailored to your needs and your type of holiday within the options below. Once you’ve picked the type of quote you need, simply click on the icon above and you’ll be taken to the next page where you can fill out the quote form.

Single Trip

If you’re only going on one holiday and don’t plan to go on any more any time soon, the Single Trip policy is going to be the most suitable for you. You can get the cover you need, without having to worry about splashing out on an annual or multi-trip policy that you won’t get the full use out of.

Annual Multi-trip

This policy is ideal if you travel frequently over the course of the year and need to ensure that you’re covered the whole time. This can include weekend breaks away, last minute winter sports trips as well as summer holidays and visiting family abroad. You don’t have time to keep sorting out insurance every time so taking an annual policy means you only have to fill everything in once and then you’re all good to go. It can also mean saving money so more towards your next trip!

Ski & Winter Sports Cover

For those of you about to book a winter sports holiday, it is essential you have travel insurance in place to give you the protection you need both before you go and whilst you’re on the piste. You can choose between Single Trip and Annual Multi-trip policies and select your preferred cover option to suit your particular travel needs. Winter Sports Cover can be included on both policies as an additional option for an extra premium. Please note, if you select Annual Multi-trip and pay the additional premium, you will be covered for Winter Sports for a maximum of 17 days during the policy year. You will need to check that the winter sports activities you are taking part in are covered by the 24/7 travel insurance policy.

Last Minute Holidays

If you’ve booked a trip at the last minute and need to get yourself insured quickly, you can get a quote by choosing our Single Trip policy. You’ll be covered in no time – just fill out the quote form with your holiday details and traveller information. There are three cover options –  simply pick the one that suits and away you go. Your documents will be emailed to you within minutes so you don’t have to wait for the post to arrive.

Backpacker & Longstay

Going backpacking or on a long trip often means visiting various different countries so you need to consider in detail what cover you need before you go. The 24/7 Backpacker & Longstay policy is currently unavailable, we are however able to offer you an alternative policy – The P J Hayman Longstay & Backpacker Policy. Click here for details.


It’s important to take out travel insurance as soon as you’ve booked your cruise holiday, so that you are immediately protected should you need to cancel your trip. You also need cover for emergency medical expenses in case you fall ill or have an accident on board. Click here to get a quote.