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Compare our Travel Insurance against other leading insurance providers and discover why we’re cheap travel insurance providers.

We know that when it comes to choosing your travel insurance, you want to get the best deal around. Price comparison websites want all of your details before emailing you the results and it can take a long time to get the essential information you need.

24/7 travel insurance can put your mind at rest and make things a lot easier for you by showing in a quick table just how much you can save by choosing one of our policies. We’ve compared prices from other providers against our own and you’ll be pleased to see we really are one of the best providers of cheap travel insurance.

Different categories

We’ve compared prices for backpacking and longstay holidays, single trips and multi-trips so you can see at a quick glance just how much you could save on some of the most common policies out there. We’ve also featured some of the most popular and widely known brands in our list to make it easier.

Click on the individual links to see a detailed breakdown for each type of policy. As well as the different types, the tables are also broken down by destination so you can get the essential information in the most effective and easy-to-read way.

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More assistance

If you have any questions about the types of cover we offer or things you need to know when booking your travel insurance, then don’t hesitate to contact us or check out our frequently asked questions page.

If you want to take out a policy, you can do this instantly online and be protected immediately or even just get a quote, perfect if you’re in a hurry. So whether you’re planning a backpacking trip, a short getaway or will be travelling frequently over the course of the year, check out how much cheaper your insurance could be with us.

*Please note, in circumstances where more than one level of cover is offered, the premium is based on a policy equivalent to the 24/7 Premier cover. All policies include baggage cover and any online discounts.

Backpacker & Longstay / Europe for 6 Months, Single Adult aged 25

CompanyPriceSaving with 24/7
24/7 travel insurance Premier£66.18
STA TRAVEL Premier£177.00£110.82
Direct travel Backpacker£144.21£78.03
virgin travel insurance gold£98.80£32.72
GO TRAVEL INSURANCE Backpacker£69.17£2.99
1STOP TRAVEL INSURANCE Backpackers£67.14£0.97

Backpacker & Longstay / Worldwide Excl USA, Caribbean & Canada for 5 months, Single Adult aged 25

CompanyPriceSaving with 24/7
24/7 travel insurance Premier£82.94
STA TRAVEL Premier£245.00£162.06
1STOP TRAVEL INSURANCE Backpackers£109.98£27.04
GO TRAVEL INSURANCE Backpacker£103.67£20.73

Backpacker & Longstay / Worldwide Excl USA, Caribbean & Canada for 12 months, Single Adult aged 35

CompanyPriceSaving with 24/7
24/7 travel insurance Premier£199.05
STA TRAVEL PREMIER£575.00£375.95
INSUREANDGO GOLD£382.00£182.95
1STOP TRAVEL INSURANCE Backpackers£207.94£8.89

Single Trip / Travelling to Europe (inc Spain) for 7 days, Single Adult aged 25

CompanyPriceSaving with 24/7
24/7 travel insurance Premier£12.80
DIRECT LINE£32.23£19.43
LLOYDS Bank£25.54£12.74
POST OFFICE Classic£22.50£9.70
TESCO Standard£17.49£4.69
Essential Travel Plus£16.47£3.67
INSUREANDGO Silver£16.00£3.20
Direct Travel Premier£14.33£1.53

Single Trip / Travelling to USA for 12 days, Couple aged 45

CompanyPriceSaving with 24/7
24/7 travel insurance Premier£72.34
LLOYDS Bank£137.78£65.44
POST OFFICE Classic£122.54£50.20
INSUREANDGO Silver£94.00£21.66
TESCO Standard£93.49£21.15
DIRECT LINEr£87.36£15.02
Direct Travel Premier£85.05£12.71

Annual Multi-trip / European (inc Spain), individual aged 25

CompanyPriceSaving with 24/7
24/7 travel insurance Premier£44.24
TESCO Standard£54.99£10.75
DIRECT LINE£51.42£7.18
POST OFFICE Classic£49.63£5.39
Direct Travel Premier£49.31£5.07
Essential Travel Plus£45.59£1.35

Annual Multi-trip / Worldwide Cover, family 2 adults aged 35 and 2 children aged 10 and 5

CompanyPriceSaving with 24/7
24/7 travel insurance Premier£133.13
Essential Travel Plus£170.17£37.04
TESCO Standard£169.49£36.36
LLOYDS Bank£161.02£27.89
POST OFFICE Classic£137.88£4.75
Direct Travel Premier£136.28£3.15

Compare Travel Insurance FAQ

Should I also use a price comparison site?

Certainly, if you feel like you need some extra information in order to be convinced. Our main aim with providing the data above is to save customers from the need to provide a series of price comparison websites with all of their personal information. Of course, if this is not an issue for you, or if you are already signed up to a price comparison site, it’s always a good idea to make a choice based on the largest amount of information possible!

A core aspect of comparing travel insurance is comparing the cover provided and the benefits – price comparisons will not give you peace of mind that you are covered for all likely eventualities should you need to make a claim. They really only give you a snapshot of the price. Make sure you also compare the levels of cover to get a full overview of the comparison.

Why does the price I have been quoted differ from the price in the comparison table?

Each of the comparison tables above lists a price based on a specific hypothetical scenario; a scenario which is specified in the comparison table’s title. For example, the first comparison table on the list gives a price based on the applicant being a single, 25 year old adult; who intends to take a trip for 6 months in Europe. There are many variables that could change the amount quoted; if a 25 year old, travelling for 7 months, were to apply for the same policy, it would result in a higher cost.

Why is one of the prices from an alternate insurance provider listed in the comparison table different on their website?

All of the prices listed in the comparison tables were correct as of 4th December 2013 when all of the prices from 24/7 travel insurance and the websites of other providers were obtained. All prices quoted from other providers should be considered as subject to change.

Why is there a different selection of quotes from other insurance providers in every comparison table?

In each of the comparison tables displayed on this page, we have attempted to display pricing information from other providers which either provides the best point of comparison to our quote, or offer the broadest range of industry coverage possible. In other words, different companies are more competitive in, or specialise in cover for, specific areas or demographics, so we have attempted to best reflect the needs of customers through our selection.

Does the information in these tables represent the full range of holidays that you offer coverage for?

No, the scenarios that we have included comparison tables for simply represent a broad selection of areas that we provide cover for. If the precise details of your holiday are not represented by one of the tables, simply get a quote today.

Prices obtained from other providers’ websites on 4th December 2013.