Cheap holiday insurance

Cheap insurance doesn’t mean inferior insurance with 24/7. Our cheap travel insurance policies provide you with different cover options so you can chose the protection that is right for you. We offer cover for most types of trips & durations and all our policies include a range of activities free of charge.

When you are planning your next holiday abroad, whether it is a city break, a family holiday or a last minute holiday booking, you can make sure you are covered for the unexpected by taking out cheap holiday insurance. Holiday insurance is not typically a large expense, but the consequences of not having it could be devastating and leave you severely out of pocket.

You need to make sure that the cheap holiday insurance policy you choose gives you the cover you need for your holiday or trip. Without adequate travel insurance, the costs for emergency medical treatment and repatriation costs could land you with a hefty medical bill running into many thousands of pounds.

It is very easy to compare insurance policies on the internet. You don’t have to buy expensive holiday insurance from your travel agent!

We offer:

  • Competitive prices and 15% online discount
  • Quick quotes
  • Instant cover online 24/7
  • Documents sent to your email address
  • Cover for a range of different holiday types
  • Various levels of cover to choose from
  • 24/7 medical emergency assistance helpline
  • Cancellation rights – 14 day money back guarantee

If you are going on a more adventurous trip, make sure that the cheap travel insurance policy you buy covers the activities that you will be participating in. 24/7 travel insurance automatically covers over 100 activities as standard – click here to see the list.

Whether it’s for a short break, a long haul, a family holiday, a carefully planned trip, a last minute booking or something more adventurous, travel insurance is a must.

We provide online customers with cheap flexible travel insurance cover at the best price possible, so you have the protection and peace of mind that you need when travelling abroad.

It is not just a matter of cheap travel insurance, you need to make sure that the travel insurance policy you choose gives you the correct cover you need for your holiday or trip – read the policy wording to ensure you understand the cover, terms, conditions and exclusions.

The Do’s and Don’t’s of cheap travel insurance

Travel insurance premiums can be seen in the same light as many insurance policy types in regards to some degree of ability to lower premiums and therefore obtain a cheaper policy for your requirements. Whether you are looking for cheap cruise insurance, lower premiums for a last minute break or a better priced policy for gap year travel, all these requirements can be met by following our ‘Dos and don’t’s guide for cheap travel insurance.’


Make sure that the type of travel cover is the most suited to your bespoke needs:

If you are going on a cruise you are likely to find that specialist travel cruise insurance providers will be able to deliver a cheaper cruise policy with specialist cruise cover based on the fact that the policy has been developed towards this bespoke type of traveller and their requirements. In many instances the ability to reduce the premium and deliver a cheaper travel policy is related in part to the fact that elements of a policy can be excluded if they are not required for the type of travel in question.

Be specific about the number of people requiring cover:

You will find that the number of people travelling can be a means to reduce the travel insurance premiums. Reducing premiums by taking out a travel policy covering more than one person can see the average cost per person becoming cheaper. There are a number of types of policy that look at quantities of travellers for example you can find cheap couples travel insurance policies and cheaper cover for families and more.

Confirm the location of your travel:

Some policies show two different European destinations where Europe excluding Spain can be cheaper than Europe Including Spain. You also sometimes have a choice between Worldwide Including USA and Worldwide Excluding USA. Be specific with your destination choice so that you don’t find yourself paying for cover that you don’t need. Some European travel insurance policies will restrict the actual countries covered or included within a European travel policy. Some European destination policies will exclude countries like Spain or Cyprus but others may include non EU countries like Morocco which can enable you to purchase a cheaper European travel policy as opposed to a worldwide one. In some instances the definitions of continent and worldwide can be driven by popularity rather than positioning, which although a little unusual to understand, it can deliver some great cost saving on travel insurance premiums.

Read the small print and the policy terms and conditions in full:

There will be other types of supporting documents too when you take out travel insurance and by reading them in full you can make sure you make the most of your travel insurance policy.

Remove cover you don’t need:

As with most types of insurance the more that you are able to exclude from the cover the more you are able to save. Some policies allow you to remove cancellation cover and/or personal possessions cover if you don’t need it. A word of caution though – it is important that your travel cover whilst wanting to be as cheap as possible is still covering you for everything you need. Cutting costs at the point of sale can lead to becoming uninsured at the point of a claim; assuming you have opted to remove cover that in the end was required.


Falsify information:

If you fail to disclose important information or choose to provide incorrect information on the basis that it reduced the premiums being quoted you will in most instances (if not all instances) find that your policy is invalidated. However tempting you might find lowering the premiums pre purchase by adjusting options and changing information provided this is a real travel insurance ‘don’t’. If you need to declare a medical condition you must make sure you do so.

Forget to list every activity that you are planning to undertake (plus those activities that you might change your mind on when travelling):

If you have an activity fuelled holiday destination in mind and are thinking about last minute changes to your itinerary make sure that you cover every eventuality in your travel insurance. You can buy cheap activity travel insurance that specifically looks to cover a broader range of activities (all our policies come with over 100 activities for free). You will also find more tailored travel insurance activity based cover for the most popular types of activity led holidays – this is likely to include cheaper backpacking insurance, winter sports, snowboarding and skiing cover, gap years, cruises and more.    

Forget to buy your travel insurance as soon as you’ve booked your holiday:

Planning your trip and your travel cover sooner rather than later can often enable you to reduce the prices you end up paying. In many occasions this can be down to the simple fact that you are able to spend more time getting the right type of policy and the required level of cover you need. When people buy travel insurance at the very last moment possible they don’t have the time to spend searching for the right level of cover that suits them and their travelling party. They can end up buying more cover than they need (at a premium) or settling for cover that doesn’t give them the peace of mind they need.

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