Why last minute travel insurance is a must

Booking a getaway at the last minute can be spontaneous and exciting, but last minute need not mean high risk with 24/7 travel insurance being able to provide insurance with little notice.

An increasing number of holidaymakers are opting to arrange their holiday plans at the last minute, hoping for a better deal or maybe just waiting to see what their personal finances look like closer to the time. Either way, any break could potentially be a lot more expensive than you bargain for if you don’t take the time to organise insurance too.

Medical costs can quickly run into thousands of pounds, even for something as relatively simple as a broken leg and even more if the injury is more serious. Lost or stolen baggage or other mishaps are all potentially very costly too and worrying about how you can afford to replace things can ruin even the best break.

For those that travel regularly or even for those that holiday a couple of times a year at the last minute, an Annual Multi-trip travel insurance policy may work out as a better option. As well as usually working out cheaper, it also means one less thing to worry about each time you plan a trip. If one of your holidays are likely to include winter sports or other higher risk activities than sunning it on a beach, make sure the policy includes the necessary cover for everything. 24/7 travel insurance automatically include over 100 activities on all policies with the option to add more activity packs (including cover for winter sports) on payment of an additional premium.

Another bonus to a multi trip policy is that you will be covered up until you leave as well as the holiday itself, so if the worst happens and you can`t travel, you could make a claim for your money back (policy terms and conditions apply of course).

But holidaying at the last minute should never mean high risk and online travel insurance providers can be an easy way to browse the market for a good deal and book the cover, even if it is the middle of the night. If you are really pushed for time, rather than searching for cover individually, comparison sites can offer you a good summary of what is on the market. Not all firms opt to have their details included on price comparison sites so they don’t offer a comprehensive service, but do capture a helpful sample and can be a real time-saver.

Reading through the policy terms and conditions is always recommended, but if you really have left it to the last minute, it is possible to rush through the purchasing process but taking a time to read the basics is essential. Knowing the level of excess, reading the medical warranty, as well as what is covered is the least you need to know – but print the rest of the paperwork and read it while you are waiting at the airport – it will distract you rather than spend money saving money that you could have wasted at the duty free!