Which airlines are worst for extra fees

Airline passengers around the world will pay as much as €41 billion in extra charges this year. ‘Add ons’ like baggage, seat reservations and credit card charges now make up an average 12% of airlines’ revenue according to researchers at the Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation. For short-haul European flights, this percentage can be closer to 40%.

Research found that Bmibaby‘s extras are nearly 40% of the total flight cost, closely followed by Ryanair at 33% with its expensive baggage fees and then easyjet at 29%. Flybe was found to be the least competitive airline on price.

However, it is worth bearing in mind that fares vary according to the demand and taxes vary according to route, so more thorough investigation across different flight times and dates is needed to make any conclusions about average fares.

The research revealed that there is still a divide between the original ‘low cost carriers’ and the ‘traditional full service airlines’. Any extras such as baggage, seat reservations and credit card charges, make up a considerable chunk of the total flight cost for ‘low cost carriers’ Jet2, Ryanair, easyJet and bmibaby.

Bob Atkinson, travel expert at travelsupermarket.com, who carried out the research exclusively for Times Online, said: “bmibaby’s extra charges were a whopping 39% of the total charges and the best was BA at 12%”.

The biggest extra cost was baggage, which ranged from one free checked bag on BA to £30 with Ryanair. Seat bookings were also pricey, and so too was travel insurance, if booked through the airline website – be aware, some airlines like easyjet automatically opt you in for travel insurance (and the extra cost) when you book your flights.

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