What type of holiday accommodation would suit you best?

Booking a holiday is exciting. Choosing your destination, planning what type of holiday you want, taking time off work, looking forward to some time together as a family. The anticipation is a fun-filled time thinking about taking some time away from your daily routine, enjoying some sunshine and taking a break from everyday life.

So of course you will have thought carefully about where to go and when to go, factoring in time off work, school holidays and different costs at different times of the year. But just as essential as where to go is what type of accommodation you will be staying in when you arrive. This needs careful consideration; otherwise you could end up cramming your family of four into a one-room apartment, or spending your planned romantic break surrounded by children at a family activity hotel.

Who you’re going with will play a big part in your accommodation choice. If you are planning a romantic time with a partner or spouse, then the chances are you have picked a beautiful, relaxing destination. Most couples going abroad together don’t really want to be surrounded by kids no matter how child friendly you are, it won’t be a very romantic break! So look for adults-only hotels, or self-catering apartments or cottages that will leave you free to do your own thing.

Going abroad with a family is another thing completely and the age of your children will probably play a big part in your decision where to stay. Those with very small children and babies will no doubt want to make sure their little ones’ routines aren’t too severely disrupted, so may prefer self-catering accommodation such as apartments and cottages which will allow them to set the pace of their day. Those with older children may want to look at the possibility of taking an all-inclusive holiday at a hotel. These generally provide all of your meals and drinks, so can prove to be very cost-effective when you have a hungry and thirsty brood to maintain. Take a good look at the reviews of a hotel’s food and catering to make sure they are serving up the types of thing your family enjoy.

Hostels are a great idea for families travelling on a budget. Once the domain of students and backpackers, they now cater widely for families, with family rooms on offer at many hostels. Your kids will love the atmosphere of a hostel, as they tend to be very sociable, communal places. You will usually cater for yourselves here and it is an especially useful option if you would like to take in a few different places throughout the course of your holiday.

Complexes are also great for family holidays. Staying in a chalet or apartment, these are often popular choices for people travelling in large groups. With self-catering facilities available, there are usually a number of onsite eateries, with activities and social events put on to keep you all entertained.

If you are looking for something a little more permanent then many places will sell timeshare accommodation, giving you the option to return to your favourite place on a regular basis.

The options are pretty limitless really. The key thing is to think about who you are holidaying with and what space and catering facilities you need. Then you can look forward to staying in comfort and relaxation at your chosen destination.