What to pack for a ski holiday

Packing for a ski vacation can often seem like a headache. It’s difficult travelling light when you need to pack all of your bulky ski gear. Fitting your salopettes and skis into your suitcase can prove tricky and with limits on baggage allowance, packing for a ski holiday can be even harder. Fortunately a little pre-planning can make packing for your ski holiday a little easier.

Organise your Baggage
If you’re flying make sure you check with your airline what their policy on luggage allowance is. Some airlines, particularly the budget ones, have much lower checked baggage allowances and fines for over packing which can be expensive. Don’t just check the weight allowance, careful attention must be paid to the maximum dimensions allowed for each piece of luggage, especially if you’re taking your own skis. Some airlines may allow one additional piece of sporting equipment to travel free of charge like your skis. If this isn’t the case you may be able to get away with packing everything into one large ski bag. A trick to maximise room in your suitcase is to stuff smaller items into your boots and folding larger clothing around your gear. You could think about taking your ski boots on board as hand luggage, that way if your baggage is lost or delayed you’ll still have your own boots and can rent skis at your resort.

Base Layers
The best way to keep warm on the slopes is by building up layers of thermals and fleeces under your outerwear. Take several sets of base layers to give them time to dry out after skiing each day. Limit your après-ski wear to a casual pair of jeans and jumper and one pair of boots with a decent tread.

Spare Gloves and Socks
Make room in your bag for a second pair of gloves and socks so each pair has a full day to dry out. Damp clothing will make you colder faster; definitely something you want to avoid when on the slopes. You may also want to consider packing an extra hat and scarf for the same reason.

Protect Helmets and Goggles
Helmets and goggles should be packed carefully to avoid knocks and scratches. Place your goggles inside your helmet and then pack clothes around it to cushion it from heavy handed baggage handlers.

Sunscreen and lip balm are essential items for skiing and can be expensive to buy in a resort. On an especially bright and sunny day, you can get sunburn in as little as 20 minutes exposure. A good sunscreen can protect you from the sun’s UV radiation and from sunburn.

Don’t forget to pack your ski travel insurance
Travel Insurance with winter sports cover can be purchased for just £9.40* at www.247travelinsurance.co.uk – a small price to pay to be able to really enjoy your ski holiday!

* Premium £9.40 includes Insurance Premium Tax, personal possessions cover and winter sports cover. Based on a ‘standard’ single trip 24/7 travel insurance policy for one adult aged under 55 travelling to Europe for 3 days. Policy purchased within 14 days of departure date. Cover details and prices are correct at time of going to press (January 2011) and are subject to change.