What is a maximum trip limit on an Annual Multi-trip policy?

Annual Multi-trip (AMT) travel insurance policies can be very popular amongst those who travel more than once in a 12 month period. They often work out to be cheaper than buying multiple Single Trip policies and have the advantage of ensuring you have travel insurance cover in place when you book each trip.

Although some travellers may believe that you can go on holiday whenever, where ever and for however long, this isn’t the case.

When purchasing an Annual Multi-trip policy you have the choice of which area you would like cover to be provided for. If choosing European, then cover for other countries outside of that defined area are not included for the duration of the policy. You may of course buy another policy or see if you insurance provider will upgrade the policy for you. Remember that this will need to be done before you travel.

It is advisable to check the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s (FCO) website before travelling as in most policies a claim won’t be paid out if you are travelling against the advice or recommendations published by the FCO applicable at the time of your departure.

Another part of the Annual Multi-trip travel insurance policy which some travellers don’t read into, are the maximum trip durations. The idea of an AMT policy is that you can take more than one holiday per year without having to worry about insurance every time. Or for those last minute trips where the last thing on your mind is insurance!

But did you know that there are limits as to how long you can stay away for each trip? Most policies have a maximum of 31 days per trip, which for most travellers is enough. Some policies allow you to have more as standard and some allow you to increase this maximum trip limit with an additional premium.

It is important to understand that if you are away for longer than this limit then your travel insurance will be invalid as most policies cover you from the time you leave home until you return. This means that even if the event that is causing you to make a claim occurred within the first 31 days, you may still not have a valid claim.

24/7 Annual Multi-trip definition of trip is ‘a holiday or journey that begins when you leave home and ends on your return to either (i) your home, or (ii) a hospital or nursing home in the United Kingdom or Channel islands, both during the period of cover.’ This would mean that you need to return home within the 31 day trip limitation before travelling again to start a new 31 day trip.

A 24/7 Annual Multi-trip policy would only cost £36.77* for an individual travelling in Europe and would provide peace of mind and cover all year round.

*Premium £36.77 includes Insurance Premium Tax based on an adult aged 18-54 taking out a ‘Standard’ Annual Multi-trip 24/7 travel insurance policy excluding personal possessions cover in Europe. Cover details and prices are correct at time of going to press (25 Aug 2011) and are subject to change. You must read the policy wording to ensure you are familiar with your cover and that it meets your needs.