Weirdest celebrity insurance policies

Most of us have an insurance policy of some kind or another whether it be motor insurance, home insurance or health insurance. But how many of you have insured a part of your body?

Believe it or not, this is what some celebrities have done. Find out who’s insured which bits of their body and the strangest reasons for doing it…

10. Troy Polamalu’s hair – £650,000
American football player Polamalu has not cut his 3ft-long hair since 2000 and recently became a spokesperson for hair care brand Head & Shoulders. His hair has been insured with Lloyds of London for £650,000.

9. Dolly Parton’s breasts – £390,000The singer has insured her assets for £190,000 each. The association of breasts with Dolly Parton’s public image is now so strong that when scientists cloned a sheep from an adult ewe’s mammary gland, they named it Dolly the Sheep!

8. David Lee Roth’s sperm – £650,000
Rock band Van Halen’s frontman David Lee Roth insured his sperm for £650,000. Not because he was worried his sperm would get damaged or he would fail to procreate but quite the opposite. Roth’s insurance policy would have paid out if he had accidentally impregnated a groupie. Talk about being protected!

7. Ugly Betty’s smile – £5 million
The actress America Ferrara is so distinctive for her smile with braces in the US sitcom ‘Ugly Betty’, dental brand Aquafresh has insured it for £5 million.

6. Jennifer Lopez’s bottom – £18 million
The Latino actress/ singer Jennifer Lopez has insured her bottom for around £18 million, making it one of the largest insurance premiums placed on a celebrity body part.

5. Heidi Klum’s legs – £1.4 million
Supermodel Heidi Klum’s right leg is bizarrely worth more than her left leg. Her right leg is insured for £750,000 but the insurance company would only agree to pay up £650,000 for her left leg due to a small scar on her left knee.

4. David Beckham’s legs – £100 million
Where as Heidi’s legs may be nice to look at, Beckham’s legs are worth a lot more to football fans and have been insured for almost 100 times as much, at £100 million. The policy is so large that costs have been spread over several different insurance policies, and his premiums are understood to run into hundreds of thousands of pounds.

3. Bruce Springsteen’s voice – £3.9 million
American singer and songwriter Bruce Springsteen insured his vocal chords for £3.9 million. Rock n’ roll!

2. Michael Flatley’s feet – £25 million
Riverdance performer Michael Flatley has insured his feet for £26 million, the highest premium ever placed on a dancer’s feet. Clearly, he is taking his role as lord of the dance seriously!

1. Merv Hughes’ moustache – £205,000
It may be a measly sum in comparison to some insured body parts in this list, but it is the wackiest. Australian cricketer Merv Hughes has insured his trademark walrus moustache for £205,000.

Source – Yahoo Travel

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