Travelling with pre-existing medical conditions?

Despite a significant number of people in the UK suffering from a pre-existing medical condition, there is still confusion about how many people with a condition can travel abroad. A recent survey by travel insurance specialists P J Hayman & company whose Free Spirit travel insurance product is specially designed to cover people with pre-existing medical conditions, found that out of those surveyed, 27% believe that those with a pre-existing medical condition will struggle to get travel insurance. With those in Northern Ireland thinking they would be unable to travel abroad altogether (13%).

Adding to the confusion is consumer misunderstanding of the conditions that you can and cannot travel abroad with:

  • 13% of UK adults believe if you have high blood pressure you cannot travel abroad. This figure is higher in some regions (South East 24%, North West 19% and West Midlands 19%).
  • 21% think you cannot travel abroad if you have epilepsy (West Midlands 29%, Wales 28% and South East 24%).
  • 6% believe you cannot travel abroad with diabetes (East Anglia 9%).

In fact, you are able to travel abroad with all of the above. Yet fear of not being able to obtain cover would prompt 11% of Brits to lie about having a non-life threatening condition in order to be able to travel abroad. Those in Scotland would be most likely to bend the truth, with 15% saying they would avoid purchasing travel insurance altogether.

Peter Hayman, director of P J Hayman, said: “Travellers must ensure their policy cover is comprehensive to avoid having to pay extra costs in the unlikely event that anything should go wrong abroad.

“There are common misconceptions surrounding what conditions you can and cannot travel abroad with. Contrary to popular belief, the majority of people with pre-existing medical conditions can obtain travel insurance cover for their holidays abroad and we have developed a range of specialist policies to ensure they can travel with full cover.”

Free Spirit travel insurance
When obtaining a quote from 24/7 travel insurance you will be asked if you are able to comply with the Medical Warranty. If you have a pre-existing medical condition and can not answer yes to the Medical Warranty, you will automatically be referred to our Free Spirit travel insurance website where an alternative quotation and product can be obtained.
Details of Free Spirit, the specialist policy for people with pre-existing medical conditions can be found on the website.