Travel safe – some useful tips and advice!

1) Check out any risks associated with your destination

2) Check what vaccinations you need at least 6 weeks before you go

3) Get the right travel insurance – for example make sure it covers you for the all the activities you want to do including any dangerous sports

4) Make sure your travel insurance policy is up to date, valid for the entire trip and covers everyone who is travelling

5) Complete the contact details at the back of your passport for your next-of-kin or someone who can be contacted in an emergency.

6) Make sure you have enough money for your trip

7) Find a good guide book and get to know your destination

8) Look after your possessions and important documents

9) Make a note of your travel insurance’s 24-hour Emergency Medical Assistance Service telephone number and keep it with you at all times.

10) Learn the basics in the language of the country you’re visting – even if it’s just learning a few words it will earn you respect, help you get involved with the local way of life, and may help you in a tricky situation