Travel Photography – capture the moment!

Photographs are just about the cheapest souvenirs you can get, so it’s no surprise that even travellers who aren’t serious photography buffs get snap happy on their holiday. Not everyone is going to get prize-winning photographs, but anyone can learn to take better pictures. These are just a few quick travel photography tips that will help your photos go from so-so to spectacular. Master even one of them and you’ll see a big difference in your travel photos…

Camera equipment
Digital cameras make it even easier to capture thousands of images during a holiday – but how many of them are photos you’d actually be proud to enlarge and hang on the wall in your house? Take care of your camera equipment; invest in a camera case to protect your camera from sand and water. Remember to pack enough memory cards with enough space for your photos and some spare batteries always come in handy! Check out 24/7 travel insurance for an instant quote to cover your camera equipment should it get lost or stolen whist on holiday.

In photography, the ‘rule of thirds’ refers to the most eye-pleasing compositions for photos where the image you see through the lens is split roughly equal thirds The idea is that you want the main focal point, whatever it is, to be roughly one third of the way from either the top, the bottom or one of the sides of your picture rather than just an ordinary straight forward central photo.

Photographers sometimes refer to the first and last hour of daylight as the ‘golden hour,’ which, under the right conditions can often lead to a soft and warm glow on anything in its path. Taking advantage of this while traveling can be tricky, because your travel itinerary is often full and dependent on other factors. But if you wake up early enough, or are paying attention as the sun is about to set, you might be rewarded with some spectacular shots full of interesting colours!

Keep in mind that as a photographer, you’re creating a world within the confines of your lens – you determine what everyone else will see when they look at your pictures later, and if there’s something ugly just outside the frame, they’ll never know if you crop it out of the frame. Some digital cameras have an application which allows you to crop a photo within the camera itself. Otherwise, design programmes like Photoshop are ideal for cropping travel photos and creating special effects.

Whatever kind of landscape you are shooting, think about what the essential qualities are and not just the visual ones. Think about how the place makes you feel, what kind of emotions it stirs in you. Then look for ways to get those qualities and feelings onto film. If you’re taking photographs of people you don’t know, remember to ask their permission first before snapping!

Buy your travel insurance before you go!
Finally, don’t scrimp on travel insurance as one day you may need to rely on it in the event of an emergency abroad. You should read the Policy Summary and Policy Wording before buying it, and check out any specific queries you have – so you can relax and really enjoy your trip!

You can get an instant quote from 24/7 travel insurance for a 3 day trip to Europe for just £5.91* if you arrange your cover as soon as you book your holiday you will be immediately protected should you need to cancel your trip.

*Premium £5.91 includes Insurance Premium Tax; based on an individual traveller aged under 55 taking out a Standard single-trip policy for 3 days in Europe including personal possessions cover and purchased within 14 days of departure date. Cover details and prices are correct at time of going to press (June 2009) and are subject to change.