Photo of country guides

Travel guides, do you bother?

Back before the internet was such a useful tool holidaymakers used to buy travel guides to help them plan their activities before jetting off. These days we can find everything we need using our computers, mobile phones and tablets – so why buy travel guides?

I don’t have a tablet to take with me.

Some older generation travellers like to keep with tradition and read books that help them learn local knowledge and find the best places go. Some may not be as clued-up with technology and so a book is much easier.

What about when you are there?

You have switched off the internet on your phone as it costs so much money, you don’t have a WI-FI connection for your tablet, so where to next? You don’t need technology to open a book, nor do you need the powers of the world wide web, just simple page turning and reading can find your next day trip planned.

Have you ever thought about buying a travel guide for your tablet or e-book reader? 

Lonely Planet, the company who have 500 travel guides covering 195 countries, now do digital copies of their guidebooks, meaning you can take the guide book with you on your iPad or Kindle. Read it on the plane, the train or in the taxi and all on one device you were going to take with you anyway, at least you have saved room without buying a book too!

So what is so handy about travel guides?

Travel guides have been around for years. How else would you know what to do when you arrive at your hotel in Japan. With recommendations, top itineraries, tips for first time travellers, best sightseeing views and where to go on a budget, you won’t waste your time trying to find something good to do! You don’t go to London to wander round the business offices, you want the London Eye and Oxford Street!

Do you know how much you should tip at a restaurant?

You are so used to the culture in the UK but what is the norm when you travel abroad. Tipping is one example, you don’t want to insult anyone, but did you find out before you set off? You usually find handy tips to help you get along in guide books, what time the shops are open, simple stuff but can save a lot of time and hassle as well as embarrassment.