Top travel mistakes

We all book holidays and think about ways to cut corners, save time and money and get the best value for money when it comes to having some time away from normality and going on holiday on a budget but you can learn from these top travel mistakes that people do make (and hopefully learn from).

Cutting costs by cutting cover

It is a fact that you can get cheap holiday insurance whether this is for backpacking, going on a cruise, taking a gap year or simply going to Europe for a few days. It is also a fact that by under covering you, your friends or your family on your travel insurance policy, you can be seen as taking a risk. Type in to Google ‘lack of travel cover’ and you will get nearly 30 million competing stories and I’m betting that quite a few of them will be horror stories, so don’t be one of them.

Getting a one way ticket to Vegas

Being an optimist is great; being a realist is even greater. If you are planning a trip to Vegas and have every intention to win it big, live the lifestyle of the rich and famous and hand in your notice to your employer that you won’t be needing your job anymore (in fact you won’t be needing any job anymore) please make sure that you wait until you have won it big BEFORE you start sending the resignation letters. Also make sure that you build in a contingency plan, including return tickets when you go out to Vegas rather than having to source money just to get back home.

Failing to declare food

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to make sure that when you go to America you can have your essentials like tomato ketchup, Marmite, Walkers crisps and Digestive biscuits (they will have these but some people like to make sure they do). Please make sure that you declare these on those little forms at customs. Failing to do so can result in quite hefty fines as well as the items being removed from you and disposed of. No matter how much you love tomato ketchup I’m guessing that you will not want to pay $200 to carry it to the airport and then give it away to be destroyed.

So as a quick roundup of some of the other things to avoid when travelling, consider avoiding the following:

  • Carrying something through customs for someone because they can’t carry all their items themselves – this is taken very seriously and airport staff are trained to ask you if you have been asked to transport something that is not yours
  • Placing fragile and valuable items as well as medication in your luggage because you don’t fancy carrying them onto the plane – if your bags get lost, so do your items
  • Putting all your favourite makeup/bathroom goodies into your hand luggage and finding out that it’s going to be disposed of as all the items are over the allowed millilitre capacity
  • Not packing enough clothing thinking you will buy when you arrive and then finding your hotel is in the middle of nowhere
  • Over packing your luggage and then having to buy new suitcases to share among the family as this is cheaper than paying the overweight baggage allowance

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