Top tips for cheap travel accommodation

Travel is one of those beautiful things that isn’t the preserve of the privileged few. Travelling or holidaying doesn’t always mean that you’ll be jetting to the other side of the world by first class airplane; quite the contrary.

Sometimes travelling cheaply means booking services at more convenient times, putting your trust in others or simply being open enough to muddle through the cheapest forms of transport or accommodation available.

There’s so many ways of getting around on a budget nowadays that any budding nomad can afford to get somewhere on a trip.

Here’s a few ideas about not only how to get around cheaply but also some tips for when you are preparing your shoestring budget holiday.

The internet is your (budget) friend

There are dozens of websites out there that accommodate those wanting to travel on the lower ends of the budget. is quickly gaining traction as one of the most adventurous ways to be accommodated while travelling. screenshot

The premise is simple, according to the site: “Look through profiles and references to find people you might want to stay with. When you find a few interesting potential hosts, carefully review their profile and send a Couchrequest for the dates you’ll be there.”

The best thing of all about this service is that crashing with your host for a few days, or even a week, is completely free.

Small to modest budgets

Hostels have famously been known for their affordability and today isn’t too different. If the thought of bedding down with other budget travellers – possibly dozens at a time in one room – doesn’t put you off, then maybe you should take a look at a large site like Hi Hostels.

The international hostel accommodation group promises a “real hostel experience” and the site has plenty of reviews from which you can go off to make up your mind. Camping is also a great alternative to cheap hostels if you intend on carrying your own gear on your trip.

For those with at least some budget, you could always try a Secret Hotel. These kinds of schemes are beginning to attract a lot of attention in the press because of the sheer quality of venue you mightend up securing. is one of the most recognised brands selling secret hotel deals, which could see you in a 5-star hotel for a fraction of the original price. You will have to book at short notice though, as this is the reason why the deals are financially feasible to participating hotels.

Advice for bookers

While these sites offer fantastic deals for would be travellers on a budget, it’s always important to read their terms and conditions fully. Travel insurance might cover you to an extent; however, you should be aware of the conditions you are accepting.

Because many of these accommodation options are fragile by their very nature, it’s a good idea to keep a contingency plan in mind. Always travel knowing that you have access to some emergency funds too.

Happy travels!