Top tip to get one over on mobile phone thieves…

This great tip has been circulating on the Internet recently and we thought it well worth passing along for those who may not already be aware of it. It’s also handy to bear in mind if you’re planning on going backpacking.

If your mobile phone is stolen you may never see it again but can at least have the satisfaction of knowing that you have rendered the phone useless to a thief or anyone who purchases the stolen property. A thief will not be able to use the phone or sell it on to others if you do the following:

First, you need to find out the unique serial number of your mobile phone. To do this, key in: *#06#

The serial number of your phone will appear on the screen. Keep a note of the number somewhere safe but where it can be easily accessed if needed, especially when travelling. If your phone is stolen call your service provider and give them the code. This will enable the company to deactivate the phone so that it is useless, even if the thief changes the SIM card.

If we all did this perhaps it would put a stop to a lot of theft of our mobile phones. Pass this great tip along to fellow travellers!

Content sourced from Travel News November 2009

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