Top 5 Worldwide Cruise Destinations

Whether you are choosing a cruise destination for your honeymoon or to celebrate a wedding anniversary there are five cruise destinations that should be top of your list of where you want to visit.

If you do not want to go too far from home, then a cruise around the Mediterranean could be just the thing you are looking for. Destinations in the Mediterranean include Turkey, Italy, the French Riviera and Greece, which all have stunning coastlines, excellent swimming opportunities and breathtaking cities to visit whilst the ship is docked.

If you are planning to go somewhere to get some sun, then the Caribbean is the place that should be top of your list. In the Caribbean you can visit most of the islands from Barbados, Grand Cayman and Jamaica all in one visit. With its tropical climate, perfect blue waters, golden sand and the rainforests to visit along with passing the Panama Canal, the Caribbean can offer the perfect cruise to relax on.

If you are not a sun lover then why not try a cruise to Alaska. When you go on a cruise to Alaska you can go onshore and have an activity filled holiday including the chance to kayak through fjords, hike the Mendenhall Glacier, or fish for salmon in the Ketchikan. Cruising in Alaska can mean you will see iconic Arctic animals along with amazing scenery.

If you are a lover of animals and wildlife then a cruise to the Galapagos Islands may be perfect for you. With sea lions, giant turtles and albatross the volcanic Galapagos Islands are a National Park and as visitor numbers are controlled then cruising through them is a truly marvellous experience. There is ample opportunity when cruising the Galapagos to snorkel with the marine life and walk the beaches with the turtles.

The final place on the top five cruise destinations has to be Antarctica. Cruising through Antarctica can offer you some excellent views of wildlife, scenery and be able to say that you have been to the coldest place on earth. Most small cruises to the Antarctic, of less than 100 people, offer you a lot of time on land and some may even give you the experience of kayaking through one of the many small inlets. The smaller the cruise liner that you are on the further in land you will sail when exploring the Antarctic.

When you have chosen your perfect destination to cruise to, then you will need to choose a cruise line to travel with. There are several cruise lines that have set itineraries to the destinations listed above and in some areas the places you wish to visit will determine which cruise line you travel with. The one thing to remember when booking a cruise is that it does not need to cost the earth and you will see cunard cruise deals start at very reasonable prices to some of the top destinations and there will be a cruise available to suit most people`s budgets.

Once you have booked your cruise, don’t forget to buy specialist cruise insurance to cover you for things like cancellation and emergency medical expenses.