Top 5 items to take backpacking

A torch is particularly useful for finding your way to the toilet when you’re in a Thai jungle in the middle of the night.

Universal travel plug
A universal travel plug works in every country so you can charge ipods, cameras and phones. Some newer models even come with a USB facility.

Waterproof bag
A waterproof bag is handy for storing your belongings in when on a boat trip or for the beach or to keep your toiletries together at hostels.

Waterproof jacket
It’s better to be prepared for a torrential downpour when you least expect it. You can buy great lightweight ones which fold up small to easily fit in your backpack.

A must for chilling on a beach, long bus journeys and drowning out other travellers noise.

Things to LEAVE at home:

Hairdryer/ straighteners
Not only will they take up valuable space in your backpack, they are heavy too. Your hair will dry naturally in the heat and in some places, hairdryers will be supplied or will be available to rent.

Perfume/ Aftershave
Leave the fragrances at home, it will mix with the heat and will attract every insect.

Expensive jewellery
Showing off your expensive jewellery is an invitation for unwanted attention. Limit your jewellery to the basics – you can pick up a good bargain at the many arts and crafts shops you’ll pass along your travels.

High heelsYou will not need high heels – flip flops and comfortable walking shoes are the way forward when backpacking.

Full make up bag
Embrace the natural backpacker look when travelling, leave the full make up back at home.

Remember to pack your cheap backpacker insurance!
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