To Fly Or Not To fly?

When you are going on holiday the question of which is better travelling by air or other means often arises. There are many travel options available if you are travelling within the UK or Europe or further afield including plane, train, car or bus. So which is the best option?

Travelling throughout Europe by coach has advantages and disadvantages. If you are afraid of flying then coach travel obviously gets around the concerns of flying, however, if you are travelling long distances coach travel can be time consuming, often with many connections needed and uncomfortable seats which you will be sitting in for long periods. Coaches do not offer much chance to stretch your legs. Travelling further afield than Europe by coach is not really practical.

Trains are a good choice for travel throughout Europe. They are faster than cars and coaches and offer a more relaxing form of transport. However, they are still not as quick as air travel and you can often have long periods where you are waiting for connecting trains. Although trains do offer you the chance to stretch your legs, some trains are sleeper trains and offer you the chance to lie down whilst travelling, a good option for those who need to be fresh on arrival at their destination. Trains also offer buffet cars so you can arrive at your destination well fed and rested. You can travel by train further afield than Europe, however, it is very time consuming with many connections and can be costly.

If you are travelling by car through Europe you will need to remember to drive on the right hand side of the road and that signs will be in different languages as you travel through the mainland countries. Travelling long distances by car can be stressful as you are responsible for navigating and arriving at your destination on time. If you travel by car in Europe you will also need to make sure your insurance covers you for all the countries you are travelling through and that you are aware of any local regulations, such as carrying a first aid kit or warning triangle. Travelling further than Europe by car is not very practical and although it can be done it will take a long time. Travelling by car does, however, give you flexibility when you arrive in your destination as you have your own transport.

The option of travelling by air can mean that you arrive at your destination much quicker than by other means of travel. Air travel often does not require any connections and you can normally fly direct to most destinations. Air travel can be very relaxing and stress free with the majority of flights now offering in flight entertainment. Travelling by coach, train or air does, however, have drawbacks of how do you get around when you reach your destination. The obvious answer is to book car hire for your arrival in your destination.

Travel insurance is a necessary purchase when booking your holiday. If you pre-book your travel arrangements you will be covered for cancellation costs. Terms and conditions including exclusions apply and you need to ensure you are familiar with your policy wording.