Tips on winter driving

If you’re planning a self drive holiday, don’t leave your winter checks until it’s too late and you experience a problem.

The best way is to book your car in for a service and have everything checked by a professional.

A few obvious things to check:
– The age of your car battery – have it tested if unsure
– Tyres: if they are worn replace them and don’t forget a spare
– Add antifreeze to windscreen wash
– Windscreen wipers – check for wear and splits
– Hoses and belts – for cracks and wear
– Car heater and rear screen heater working
– Headlights: Check alignment (also check indicators/turn signals)

Pack some items for comfort – and survival:– Change of clothes and comfortable footwear
-Sleeping bag/duvet/blanket
– Flask of hot drink, food and water
– Waterproof poncho/rain gear/boots
– Hat, scarf, gloves
– Thermal heat packs (chemical gel type) for hands and feet

A good idea to carry:– Mobile phone and charger (charger independent of car battery)
– Scraper to clear screen, spray de-icer, and brush to clear snow off car
– Keep a small can of lock de-icer with you
– Torch or torch/radio combo (hand-chargeable type preferably)
– Dry cloths to clean and dry inside of windscreen/windows/mirrors
– First-Aid kit
– Jumper cables
– Reflective jacket and warning triangles
– Shovel, tow rope and tools
– Even with sat-nav, carry a compass and updated road map
– Old sacks, rugs, or blankets (for tyre traction in case stuck in snow/mud)

A few more tips:
– If you have trouble driving at night or in fog consider night-driving glasses
– Don’t drive in wet, snow-covered, or icy boots as they could slip off pedals
– Leave extra time for your journey and take your time
– Adjust speed to the road and weather conditions
– Clean snow or mud off your headlights/lights and indicators
– Keep safe distance from the car in front.
– Clear windows properly (not just a hole to peep through). This is law!
– Clear snow off the car roof (it could fall and obscure your view)
– Be wary of leaving your car to warm up and defrost as car may be stolen!
– Give car a good wax and repair paint chips before winter to protect paint
– Consider rust proofing to protect against salt on the roads
– Check weather forecast and road reports before setting out
– If driving in mountains check if chains are required
– If driving abroad check local laws (emergency equipment to carry)
– If you don’t know how to change a tyre, do a practice run at home

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