Tips for last minute travel

There are so many websites available now that offer last minute deals that sometimes it’s just too good to say no.

You may be tempted by an online advertisement which has an offer so cheap you decide on impulse to go away for the weekend. Or you may have planned to book a last minute holiday as you know you’ll find a better deal.

There are a few things you need to consider when looking to book last minute:

You can’t always trust the price you see in the advertisement for last minute flights. It is common practice to show you the lowest possible price to get you interested but remember this price might not include taxes, booking fees, luggage, card fees or choosing your seat. Suddenly you could find your last minute deal is not so much of a deal.

There are also a lot of airlines that state they fly to big cities like Paris or Amsterdam but it doesn’t mean the airport is actually anywhere near the centre of the city. Budget Airlines, such as Ryanair, use smaller airports to avoid the higher airport charges at the more popular city ones. Some of these smaller airports can be as much as a couple of hours away which means your taxi transfer or public transport costs have just risen considerably. Let alone the wasted journey time that cuts into your weekend break.

If you are travelling alone this may not bother you but if you are travelling as a couple of family, last minute flight deals usually only have the seats available that no one else wanted. This could mean sitting somewhere you won’t feel comfortable or sitting far away from your family members, which, of course won’t be ideal if you are travelling with children.

It doesn’t matter how last minute you book your holiday you still need to purchase travel insurance. Instant travel insurance can be bought online 24 hours a day 7 days a week. There is no need to wait for the post these days as documents can be delivered to your email inbox. Even if you don’t feel you need cancellation cover because your holiday is booked for next week, travel insurance also provides you with peace of mind for emergency medical expenses, repatriation, personal belongings and more. Make sure you read the small print.

Booking accommodation last minute can mean real bargains. If you are booking a room with a bed and breakfast owner or similar accommodation, try contacting the owner first to see if they will offer you a last minute deal – they would prefer money of some sort for letting the accommodation rather than nothing so it’s definitely worth asking!

The website offer cheap and discounted hotels when you book last minute and this can save a lot of money. have deals on constantly, some hotels they keep a secret until you have booked but this could mean you get a 5 star hotel at a 3 star price!

Remember, any deals you book may be non-refundable so make sure you have booked the time off work first. Last minute travel insurance won’t cover you for cancellation because your boss says no!