Tips for working abroad with a family

Working abroad has seen a huge increase in popularity in recent years, which can largely be put down to the cost of living being lower and the possibility of higher salaries. While the majority would love a higher salary, most would be put off at the thought of leaving family behind for long periods of time. Some families however have decided to take a leap of faith and move together. But is this really feasible?

Taking a job in another country is a big deal, especially if you are uprooting your family, but there are steps you can take in order to reduce the stress.

Do your homework

Before taking any job you should consider the location, especially if this is somewhere unfamiliar. Do as much research as possible on the destination and remember that this is not a holiday, this may sound silly, but there is a big difference between visiting somewhere and actually working there. Make sure it has everything that you and your family would need to be happy, from schools and shops to public transport.

It is also important to understand any important cultural or political differences that this country may have compared to your own. There are numerous communities online where you can find information on working abroad in specific countries, this can be invaluable as it give you the opportunity to talk to people who are or have been in your position to get first hand, unbiased advice.

Take a trip

There is no substitute for visiting your destination, it will give you and your family a first-hand look at exactly what it has to offer as well as a little taste of the culture.

If you really want an authentic representation of what life will be like, avoid tourist traps, try self-catering  and stay for as long as possible. The longer you stay the better feel you will get for the country.

Travel insurance is also something you need to take into consideration, whether you are staying for a short trip or up to 12 months you need to make sure you and your family are covered for the total length of your stay.

Getting the right cover

Which cover you should take out depends on the length and type of trip you are planning, 24/7 travel insurance offers cover that gives you peace of mind. With most countries (even if you are working there) if you are not a citizen then you may have to pay for medical treatment. If you do decide to take the family abroad for a long period of time then insurance such as our Long stay family travel insurance is ideal to keep your family covered.

24/7 Longstay cover is available for up to 18 months for those up to age 55 and you must have a return home date – ideal for those long trips before the actual move date. Please remember to check that the work you intend to carry out is covered under the policy terms.

From helping with emergency medical costs, cancellations and personal liability, our cover ensures that your trip can go as smoothly as possible to let you concentrate on the more important things.

Moving your family to a new country can be a very stressful experience, plan ahead as much as possible and make sure you are covered from any unforeseen circumstances to help it go as smoothly as it can.