Theft of Ski/Snowboard Equipment

In recent years the skiing industry has experienced large increases in the numbers of skis / snowboards being stolen from open storage racks in ski resorts.

Skis and snowboards are popular targets for thieves, especially at busy ski areas (mountain restaurants, bars, après ski) where people continually drop off and pick up their equipment. Skis and snowboards become even easier targets when they are left unattended with no precautions taken to safeguard them.

Many insurance policies will not pay out if your equipment has been left ‘unattended’ so read your policy and make absolutely sure what they mean by unattended. If your gear is stolen, don’t delay in reporting it to the police, as some insurers will refuse your claim otherwise.

Top tips for looking after your ski gear:
Swap it

  • Never leave your equipment unattended. Swap one ski with a fellow traveller or partner. No thief will want to steal odd skis!
  • Use the buddy system and ask a friend to watch your skis or snowboard while you’re gone.

Lock it

  • Lock up your equipment whenever possible. Many locations now offer lockable racks at many communal areas for a small charge.
  • Secure your valuables in the lockers or check-in services provided.
  • Lock your skis / snowboard with a purpose made ski lock – these devices are small, lightweight, reasonably priced (approx. £10) and can be purchased in most ski shops / resorts.

Mark it

  • Make sure your equipment is clearly identified (invisible marker) with your name, address and mobile number or another type of identifiable mark to assist police in identifying you as the owner.

If your ski / snowboard equipment is stolen

  • Report it to the police or appropriate authority within 24 hours of discovery and obtain a written report.
  • Make sure you inform the police about any identifying marks on your skis or snowboard. If your equipment is found, these marks will help police identify you as the owner.
  • Re-visit the theft location and check with all local bar, restaurant or shop owners – ask around for any helpful information.

Remember your 24/7 wintersports travel insurance…
It is not just medical emergencies that wintersports travel insurance can protect you from financially – policies may include:

  • cover for stolen or damaged ski equipment
  • baggage loss
  • piste closure
  • personal liability
  • loss of ski passes
  • medical repatriation

So check your wintersports travel insurance cover carefully to avoid being left out of pocket!
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* Premium £11.82 includes Insurance Premium Tax, Personal Possessions cover and Wintersports cover. Based on a ‘standard’ single trip 24/7 travel insurance policy for one adult aged under 55 travelling to Europe for 3 days. Policy purchased within 14 days of departure date. Cover details and prices are correct at time of going to press (February 2010) and are subject to change.