The world’s most extreme food


The world’s hottest chilli was grown in Lincolnshire, by a married couple who co-founded the brand Fire Foods. They named the chilli “Infinity” and it measures 1,067,286 on the Scoville Scale. So you can get an idea of how hot this chilli is, tabasco sauce only measures 5,000 on the Scoville Scale!


In 2004, scientists at a Bedfordshire university developed an electronic nose to analyse cheese odours and, along with a panel of 19 humans, found Vieux Boulogne, a soft cheese from northern France, to be the world’s smelliest. Vieux Boulogne was found to be even stronger than the Epoisses de Bourgogne, a cheese so smelly that is actually banned from public transport in France.

Most dangerous

An age-old Japanese delicacy, Fugu carries the additional threat of being deadly if prepared incorrectly. The fish contains lethal amounts of poison in its organs, specifically its liver and ovaries. Though statistics vary, Fugu is thought to have an average fatality rate of 6.8%, with most of these cases attributed to amateur fisherman eating their own catch.

Most expensive

Cristiano Savini, a truffle hunter from Tuscany in northern Italy, made his finest discovery in January 2007 when he uncovered a huge 3.3 pound white truffle. Cristiano and his father found it with their dog Rocco, and sold it soon afterwards at a casino auction in Macau for an impressive $330,000. Piedmont in Italy is said to have the world’s best truffles.


Crops are frequently destroyed by rats in rural Vietnam so farmers catch them, wrap them in banana leaves and sell them as a dinnertime treat. A roasted version can often be seen on the end of a stick in Thailand, bats on a stick are also popular!

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