The Strangest Accidents That Happen During The Summer

Summer is the time of year when everyone gets outside, gets active and has a smile on their faces. The jovial and laidback summer atmosphere can cause people to get involved in activities that they would not have normally tried and is therefore a time when strange accidents can occur.

To illustrate the point, we have compiled a list of some of the strangest summer accidents we could find.Garden partiesSummer is the time of year when we head outside, light the BBQs and enjoy a cold drink with friends and family. These events are usually held in our back gardens and, although it may seem a little strange, some of the most common summer accidents occur here.Trampolines and bouncy castles which we have purchased or rented in order to inject some additional fun into the summer are often the main culprits of accidents.

Some of the strangest accidents of this type include:

  1. A man suing his BBQ manufacturer after he received third-degree burns on his hands when the unit collapsed and he tried to save his sausage (or should that be bacon?
  2. You’ve probably heard of cats getting stuck in trees, but what about children? A young boy who was clearly enjoying bouncing as high as possible on a garden trampoline ended up stuck at the top of a fairly large tree in a video which became a YouTube sensation! With no clear route down, the poor lad had to wait for assistance and has probably never viewed the offending trampoline in the same way!

Beach breaks

With the sun finally gracing us with its presence, the first thing we are likely to do is head to the beach. Here there are plenty of opportunities for fun but just as much chance of experiencing strange accidents.

Strange accidents of this type include:

  1. A young girl miraculously survived fifteen minutes of being buried alive after a hole she was digging in the sand collapsed on her. The event took place last year and saw the fifteen year old schoolgirl trapped in the sand for such a long expanse of time that she turned blue and stopped breathing. Perhaps what is more miraculous is that, forty-eight hours after the incident, she was back on the same beach!

Caravan holidays

One of the most common accidents associated with this summer activity involves people not correctly securing their caravan to their vehicle when travelling. This has led to caravans detaching mid journey or simply being left behind at the start.

Strange accidents of this type include:

  1. A small car attempting to tow a rather heavy caravan up a steep hill. This online video sensation saw the car lose power as it failed to expert enough force to move the caravan. Left at the mercy of gravity, the car was then dragged back down the hill by the heavier caravan before both vehicles became stuck on a grassy verge. Thankfully, no one seemed to be hurt and the holidaymakers have no doubt learned a valuable lesson in route planning.

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