Image of the words Jet Lag

The side effects of travelling 24/7

There are some people who spend a lot of time travelling around the country for work. There are also some people who have to do a lot of international travel as well and it can take its toll after a while. There are many side effects of travelling 24/7 that you should bear in mind.

Sleep patterns

This is probably one of the more obvious side effects of travelling frequently. Even if you just go on a holiday, you may find that your sleeping pattern is disrupted for a few days. The direction you travel and how far you go can both determine how severe your jet lag is and it’s worth bearing in mind. If you travel from East to West, you shouldn’t suffer so badly with jet lag but you could feel it considerably more if you go from West to East, from America to the UK as an example.

You can try and combat jet lag by getting into a new routine as quickly as possible. Eat at the right times in the new time zone and try to sleep at the correct time as well. Even if you struggle with this, go to bed anyway so at least you are getting some rest and make sure you wake up at a normal time, rather than sleeping in.

Skin conditions

If you travel regularly, you may find that your skin starts to suffer. The pressurised cabins on aeroplanes can dry out your skin very quickly, leaving it tight and uncomfortable. You may also find that your face feels puffy and looks dull. Try to keep up with your normal skin care routine when you are on-board the plane and ensure you drink plenty of water. Dehydration is often the main culprit for your skin not looking its best after a lot of travelling.

If you are flying to or from sunny destinations, you may also have to watch out for sunburn. Short business trips could see you forgetting to apply the sun cream and leave you suffering later on. If you do end up with sunburn, apply a soothing after-sun gel that contains aloe vera. Cover the area with loose clothing and avoid any more sun exposure if you can.


Some people who travel regularly can feel a sense of restlessness when they are in one place for a while. When you have visited several places all over the world, and in particularly have had a deep connection with these places, you can feel uneasy when you are back home. The lack of routine can almost become the routine that you are used to, causing this off-balanced feeling when you actually have a set routine again.

It may be worthwhile to start planning your next trip if you feel like this. Alternatively, remind yourself of the memories you made on your previous trips and see your current status of being at home as just the start of a new, different adventure. You may feel a little bit more relaxed if you see your time spent at home as another trip.