The Most Popular Destinations for Gap Year Travellers

A gap year is considered to be a right of passage for many people. It gives them the opportunity to explore the world at their own pace and become more independent.

Tibet is a very popular choice, as it is home to some of the most significant landmarks of Buddhism, including the temple of Jokhang and the Potala Palace. The monasteries in Tibet are reason enough to visit; they are some of the most beautiful in the world. The Ganden monastery, just a short trip outside of Lhasa is a well loved spot for gap year travellers, as it has some stunning mountainous scenery and residents who welcome visitors with open arms.

Canada often attracts gap year travellers, due to its friendly residents and beautiful rugged terrain. Travellers often start off in the Maritimes, where they can enjoy the stunning coastline and world famous seafood. This is often followed by a trip to the French area of Quebec and of course Montreal is not to be missed. The capital city of the country, Ottawa, is a great spot for meeting other travellers on their gap year. As well as the vibrant city life to be found here, travellers often visit Canada in order to see the beauty of the prairies in the west of the country.

Eastern Europe has proven to be a well loved gap year destination time and time again; here travellers can find a wealth of diversity in terms of culture, language and sights to see. It is particularly popular with gap year travellers due to the value for money food and accommodation. From the snowy beauty of Estonia to the stunning spires of Prague, Eastern Europe offers gap year travellers an abundance of sights to see and things to do.

Indonesia is often a first choice with those travelling during their gap year, as it has everything one could need from a holiday destination; beautiful weather and scenery, delicious food and friendly locals. Bali is one of the most popular locations here but many of the neighbouring islands are just as beautiful and should not be overlooked; for instance, the islands of Rinca, Komodo and Lombok.

The cities of Sao Paulo and Rio in Brazil are on almost every gap year travellers list of destinations, but northern Brazil also has an abundance of sights and activities to offer its visitors. There are plenty of stunning beaches along the coast and lots of smaller cities which are vibrant and extremely affordable too; the city of Recife is a particularly great spot which is often referred to as the Venice of Brazil.

For gap year travellers who are looking for peace and tranquillity, Kerala is one of the most visited destinations. Located along the south east of India, Kerala is known for its amazing yoga retreats and expansive, beautiful landscape. From the forests of Thekkady to the pristine sparkling waters of Kumarakom, this region of India offers travellers the opportunity to escape the stress of city life and bask in the serene surroundings of nature.

Because budget flights are now being offered to the Middle east, it is fast becoming an accessible and popular destination for those travelling during their gap year. The cities of Amman, Damascus and Lebanon are particularly well liked, as they offer a wonderful mixture of contemporary architecture and rich heritage, as well as a variety of delicious cuisines.

The key to making a gap year spent travelling affordable is to plan as far in advance as possible. This way you can ensure that you find out about the cheapest flights, hotels and any other special offers which are available in the countries you are visiting. Discussing your plans and ways to save on travel insurance forums can be helpful as you`ll be able to find out tips and tricks from your fellow prospective travellers.