The best places to see the Northern Lights

Spotting the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) has never been easy because no one knows when they will appear and clouds often obscure them. When weather conditions are favourable, this fantastical display lights up the skies in Arctic regions. We’ve compiled a list of the best places to catch a glimpse of the spectacular Northern Lights.

Located high above the Arctic Circle, the remote location of western Iceland, with sweeping lava fields and with uninterrupted views out to the ocean, makes the area a perfect base for seeing the Northern Lights. This is the perfect place to unwind and explore this beautiful area of the country during the day and hopefully view the northern lights at night.

The hotel and igloo village resort of Kakslauttanen in Finnish Lapland is the perfect place for seeing the magical Northern lights because there is minimal light pollution. Its location is in the northern region of Lapland which is almost entirely located within the realm of the Arctic Circle. During the dark winter months, when the sun rarely rises over the horizon, the best time to see the Northern Lights is between late September to early March.

Visit the new Aurora Sky Station, which claims to be the best place on earth for a ‘northern light experience’, and you’re almost guaranteed a view of the lights. The lights are created by particles from space exploding on impact with the earth’s atmosphere. The station is in the village of Abisko, in the Swedish mountains 250 miles north of the Arctic Circle, between Kiruna in Sweden and Narvik in Norway. From the village, a cable-car takes visitors 900m up to the station. Guests can stay in the Abisko Mountain Station, which is open three nights a week from September to March.

The best view of the beautiful Northern Lights can be found throughout Canada’s wilderness and mountains especially within the Nunavut, Yukon, and the Northwest Territories. The further north you travel the more spectacular the lights become. The Northern Lights can best be seen once the nights have turned long. Autumn and winter are the best seasons to see the phenomena. Late September through to March are the typical winter months in Canada in which you can view the Northern Lights.

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