Snow and travel insurance

The severe weather that most of the UK has seen recently has caused travel chaos as many flights and other forms of transport have been delayed or cancelled. We’ve compiled a blog to explain what your travel insurance wording means and tips on how to get some of your money back…

Cancelled Flights/ trips
Customers whose flights or other form of transport has been cancelled should in the first instance contact their airline, tour operator or travel agent for a refund or to transfer of the booking to a later date.

Cancellation cover
Most travel insurance providers will not offer cover under the cancellation section for customers who choose to cancel their trip as “bad weather” is not a specified reason to cancel under this section.

Delayed departure
Travellers whose departure is delayed, need to obtain written confirmation of the delay from their transport company and may be able to claim the appropriate delayed departure benefit when they return home.

If customers are delayed for more than 12 hours (or the period specified in the individual policy), then they can choose to abandon the trip and may be able to claim for any unrecoverable costs.

Missed departureDon’t assume your travel insurance policy will cover you for bad weather if you are stuck in heavy traffic due to road closures or snowed in at home. Standard travel insurance wordings don’t always include traffic jams and do not usually cover travellers stuck at home due to snow. Most standard missed departure wordings only cover the following:

· public transport (including scheduled flights) does not run to its timetable; or

· the vehicle you are travelling in has an accident or breaks down.

· the vehicle you are travelling in is involved in a traffic jam (in some but not all wording).

While the snow remains
If your local forecast is for further snow and continued disruption. Customers should contact to their operators website or call centre in the first instance. Most of the major operators have already posted customer service messages on their websites and some are operating special telephone helplines.