Round the World travel Tips

If you’ve got 6 months to travel, chances are you’ll be thinking about a Round the World trip, but it’s not as simple as jumping on a plane. There’s an art to the Round the World trip or RTW travel to those in the know!

Stay longer in fewer places
Time and again, travellers succumb to the temptation of trying to see too much. Backpackers on a 6-month trip would be better off just picking 4 countries and explore each one thoroughly. They will get a much richer experience and enjoy the trip more

Slow down
Travelling fast is extremely exhausting and expensive, buses, trains and boats every few days adds a large amount to your daily travel expenses.

Get money when you can
When going to a smaller city make sure you have enough money to get there, do your activities and have enough money left to leave. Cash machines may be harder to locate in smaller cities.

Start networking now
Before you set off on your adventure do a lot of networking on gap travel forums and let as many people as possible know about your plans. Maybe start a travel blog and have as many people back home following along as possible.

Check the weather
Don’t get caught out by the rainy season in Thailand or the sweltering heat in Australia. Check the weather conditions for the specific times you’ll be in various places.

Don’t pre-book everything
A lot of people worry about booking accommodation and activities in advance, you do not need to worry about booking all aspects of your trip before you go. You will meet people along the way who might suggest a different place to see which differs from your planned itinerary.

Pack light
Remember less is more. The golden rule is to lay out all of your belongings you have packed in your backpack and try to half it.

Be smart about where you buy a RTW ticketRTW tickets are cheaper if bought in some other countries besides the USA. This is especially the case today when the US Dollar is quite strong compared to some other currencies, like the Euro.

Choose the right shoes
From a pair of trainers to flip flops, choose shoes that are light enough to fit in your backpack which do not take up valuable space.

Adapt your destinations to match your budget
You can easily travel on $25-35 per person per day in places like Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Laos, Vietnam, South Africa, India, most of Central America and many parts of South America. Some countries in Africa would also fit the bill. If you’re going to Australia, New Zealand, Singapore or Japan you would need about 3-4 times that.

Life changing
Travelling can be so addictive and you could end up wanting to change your life to include more time travelling, if not a permanent move overseas. That can throw a spanner in your pre-trip, organised life so be aware!

Don’t forget to pack your Backpacking travel insurance!
You can purchase great value backpackers insurance direct at 24/7 travel insurance. For a 2-month trip in Asia, will cost you just £20.82* – a small price to pay to really enjoy your backpacking adventure all the more!

*Premium £20.82 includes Insurance Premium Tax based on an individual aged under 36 taking out a ‘Standard’ Backpacker 24/7 travel insurance policy for 2 months in Asia. Cover details and prices are correct at time of going to press (August 2010) and are subject to change.