Remember Your Travel Insurance When Booking Your Festive Season Trips

As thousands of people contemplate whether or not to visit the European Christmas markets, take the family to visit Santa, book a Ski break or even grab a late holiday in the sun, P J Hayman (the company behind 24/7 travel insurance) warns people not to forget travel insurance and to read the small print.

Peter Hayman – Director at specialist travel insurance provider, P J Hayman, explains: “Over 1 in 4 UK consumers neglect to take out travel insurance when they go abroad (28%) which is a serious problem that could see people facing thousands of pounds worth of bills just before the festive season. Even those people who have taken time to get a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) could find themselves out of pocket as this document only entitles you to the same medical treatment as national of that European country and does not cover repatriation, loss of possessions or airline failure.

“However, it is not only those people who haven’t taken the time to buy travel insurance that could have issues. More than 60% of people don’t read their travel insurance documentation thoroughly and when they come to claim they could find that the incident or illness that has caused the problem is not covered.

“This is especially true for people with pre-existing medical conditions as it can be confusing. Indeed, some consumers might not even realise that they fall into this category as – if undeclared – common conditions such as epilepsy, asthma and depression can invalidate a travel insurance policy.

“At P J Hayman, we recommend that not only do people purchase travel insurance but that they thoroughly check all the details of the policy and talk to their provider if they are at all concerned. It is far better to be fully covered than facing the trauma and significant cost of something going wrong.”

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