Regular trips abroad. Maybe it’s time to buy.

Whether it’s a wine inspired love of the Loire Valley or the rush of dropping in on the powder in the Austrian Alps; we all have that one type of holiday we simply cannot get enough of. We offer annual multi-trip holiday insurance for those of you who regularly partake in activities on holidays there are a wide variety of covers.

Those of you who do visit the same place often, whether on your own adventures or on family holidays taking the kids away to a place they can be kept busy (and give you a moments peace). Is there another alternative?

Indeed there is!

It may seem like a big investment but when you consider potential returns it could be worth buying a property overseas. Owning a holiday home is a wonderful alternative for those of you who regularly travel to the same region and with the ease of foreign currency conversion these days there is really no reason not to invest in the ever growing overseas markets.

Our annual multi-trip holiday insurance covers you for any number of trips per year and even provides a discount for couples so that getaway in southern France is more achievable than you perhaps first thought. Not too long ago the number of overseas properties owned by Brits was less than 200,000 but as time has passed us Brits have broken the million barrier and that number continues to grow.

There are a handful of questions you will want to ask yourself as you push forward with your dream. Budget and financing is one, though it is worth noting you can subsidise this by renting your property whilst you are not there. Size is an issue too, as it is with any property buy.

Perhaps the biggest issue for most people is the location factor. Do you want a beachfront or mountain property in a resort town you can have regular family holidays to? Or do you want a quiet country or town house for those romantic getaways? A Place in the Sun; Channel 4’s property programme recently aired a list of the best places to buy property for investment purposes. A top tip here is that loans towards investment abroad are often available much cheaper in the UK then with foreign banks, so, getting the loans in Stirling and exchanging to appropriate currency will leave you better off. Consider all these factors when making your decision. Either way, your annual multi-trip holidays will be safe and secure in the knowledge you are covered by us.

As with any insurance policy you must read the policy wording to ensure you are familiar with your cover. Certain activities may come free of charge with your policy but you must check with your provider to ensure you are properly covered should you need to make a claim.