Preparing for your summer holiday

It is really important to prepare properly for your summer holiday, to ensure that you enjoy your holiday as much as possible. With a bit of preparation you will have a wonderful holiday where you can make the most of your precious time and minimise any potential issues which may occur. The location of your holiday will determine which kind of preparations you need to make. For example holidaying at home, in your country of residence will require different preparations compared to a holiday in a country with a very different culture to yours. The first thing to do is use the internet and guide books to find out about the location of your holiday, this will help you organise and understand what you need to do. Travel websites are really useful for researching your chosen location, as well as helping you book the holiday you would like.

Your first consideration should be the climate of your chosen destination. The climate and environment will determine what you need to take with you. If it is going to be hot ensure you pack appropriate clothing and sunscreen. Insect repellent might also be necessary. There are a lot of insect repellent products on the market however those containing deet are the most effective. If you are travelling somewhere with a temperate climate it is difficult to predict what the weather will do. As a result you will need to prepare for any eventuality, for example a light waterproof coat or even waterproof trousers might be a good idea.

The second consideration will be based on the kind of holiday you are intending to take. This will determine the kind of equipment you will need to take with you. If you are planning to stay in gites by the beach and not go sightseeing then you will need a towel and a sunhat and little more. If however you are planning to do activities such as snorkelling, golf, fishing, cycling or camping then you will need a lot more equipment. You might be able to hire the equipment at your destination and if you are flying this would be a good idea as your luggage allowance will be limited. If you are taking your own car however, then you will be able to take a lot more equipment with you.

As well as equipment it is also important to think about identification and money. You will need a passport if you are travelling abroad and possibly also a driving licence if you wish to hire a car. If you are bringing your pets with you then you will need to organise a pet passport at least three weeks before you travel. Your vet will be able to advise you further with this. How you plan to take your money is important, you might be able to use your credit or debit card easily in your chosen location, but you will need to check exchange rates to see if this is the cheapest and best way for you. Other options are travellers’ cheques and cash in the currency you need. You might need to order this from your bank or post office so make sure you do this in plenty of time.

Ensure you have good travel insurance, read the small print and declare any health issues before you go. Make sure all of your documents, including your passport, are photocopied and left with someone you trust, in case there is an emergency. It is also a good idea to leave the details of where you will be staying with this person. Finally have a great time; knowing that you have done everything you can to ensure you have a wonderful holiday as safely as possible.