Preparing for your skiing holiday

Many people go abroad for a winter holiday to enjoy some skiing and snowboarding amongst other snow sports. Lapland has already started their ski season, so how can you prepare for your winter holiday?

Improve your fitness

Skiing can be a physically demanding sport and you need to be reasonably fit. Just wearing the ski boots can make your legs ache!

By improving your fitness before you go you can reduce the aches and pains you will get when on the slopes. Your can prepare your body for the exercise you will be undertaking and build up your stamina so you can enjoy those hours on the snow!

There are special courses you can sign up for to prepare for the skiing season, from ‘Prepare to Ski with Pilates’ to a ‘Ski-Fit’ course using Powerplates.

Check your equipment

Getting the right equipment is essential if you are going on a winter sports holiday. If you don’t have the right kit you may feel uncomfortable whilst on the slopes which takes the fun away from this adrenaline-filled sport.

If you tend to take your own equipment and kit check it all a few weeks before you leave. You may find that your ski jacket is too big or your boots are too tight.

If you are buying new equipment you can visit demo days and test evenings where you can try a range of skis and snowboards before you buy them. The Ski Club of Great Britain runs test evening in Manchester and Hemel Hempstead where Ski Club members can get 10% off any equipment they buy as well as a free lift pass for the evening.


If you want to venture off-piste ensure you know how to navigate your way around the countryside; be prepared with water and snacks if you plan on being out for a while.

It might be worthwhile to learn how to use an avalanche transceiver and even attend a course that teaches you how to use the equipment and what to do should you get stuck in the backcountry.

Get some new skills

If you want to get some training in before you hit the slopes, why not sharpen your skills on a dry ski slope? Whether you’re a beginner or wanting to learn some extra specials moves, you can hire an instructor to get you started before you get to the real snow. If you are new to skiing or snowboarding it may give you some extra confidence when you are away.

Winter sports travel insurance can cover your ski or snowboarding equipment as well as piste closure and lost ski packs. Make sure you check the policy limits and documents to ensure your policy is suitable to your needs.

If you are going to take part in winter sports on your holiday, specialist insurance is essential. If you have an accident on the slopes your insurance provider will not pay out in the event of a claim if you have not purchased the correct cover.