Packing for your Holiday

Over packing

Most people over pack when they go on holiday, so it is one of the key things to bear in mind when you settle to the task of packing your suitcase. How many times have you returned from holiday with unworn clothes, or unused products? It happens and every year holidaymakers silently swear it won’t happen next time. You don’t want to see your arms ending up six inches longer by the end of the journey, so bear some of the following tips in mind.

Plan Your Packing

Plan your outfits ahead of time and don’t ever take an item of clothing you ‘may or may not wear;’ you won’t. Plan each day, with a few extra tops popped in to freshen up with later in the day. Bear in mind that if you are going to a really hot and humid holiday destination you might want to change clothes two or three times a day. This isn’t over packing, it’s just what you will need to feel comfortable.


This is the only thing you are permitted to over pack! There’s nothing worse than running out of knickers and putting in a few extra pairs won’t hurt either. Lovely to be able to change into fresh clothes after a day long excursion and a cool shower. Knickers can be tucked into shoes and corners and are not going to cause problems.


If you are going to a boiling hot country, do you really need a coat? Seriously. Getting a bit chilly on the way to the airport adds to the joy of getting out into the warmth at the other end! Take a jumper or cardigan instead, as this will be useful on cool evenings. You won’t be needing a coat and it will be a pain to lug around.


These take up so much room you might consider putting the families shoes into a separate suitcase. Don’t forget to wear your heaviest footwear on the journey out to save space and do use the inside of shoes to hide away jewellery, toiletries and delicate items. It is a great way to protect them and save space at the same time.

Loose Fitting Tops

Floaty poolside kaftans are a real boon when on a beach or pool holiday. They tend to be really easy to rinse through for a freshen up mid hols and will dry in the sunshine within minutes. Don’t leave home without at least a couple. Men are not so lucky in this regard, but consider investing in some linen shirts, which look good crumpled. They will take longer to dry, but if you run out of shirts then they’re a good option for men.


Don’t forget to pack at least two great books when you go on holiday. There’s nothing worse than being without a good read during those long hours on the beach. One classic packing error is to forget to pack chargers. These are just the right sort of awkward item to stuff into shoes.

There. You should now have packed with the efficiency of a trans-arctic exploration team. It’s time to make the most of those Thomas Cook voucher codes you were clever enough to spot six months ago. Enjoy!