Most bizarre items confiscated by airport security…

From tropical fish to rare birds, we list some of the most bizarre items confiscated by airport security officials:

Possibly inspired by the comedy horror film Snakes on a Plane, a woman in Stockholm, Sweden, was arrested trying to smuggle 75 live snakes in her bra, according to research by the online travel agent Officials became suspicious when they spotted the woman repeatedly scratching her chest!

Tropical fish
At Melbourne Airport in June 2005, a woman was caught trying to import banned marine life. Customs staff were alerted by ‘flipping noises’ coming from beneath the woman’s skirt, and found an apron of plastic water-filled bags containing 51 live tropical fish!

More recently, on October 27 this year, a Norwegian man was apprehended in the Norweigian town of Kristiansand. He had strapped a number of packages to his legs containing gecko lizards.

Rare birds
Animals and birds are clearly one of the biggest threats to borderline security. A 49-year old man was stopped at Los Angeles Airport in 2002 after four rare birds of paradise escaped from his suitcase and began flying around the terminal.

In July 2002, a 17-year old managed to travel from Dubai to Manchester with a chameleon perched on her head! She had been attempting to smuggle her pet into the UK by wearing it as a hat. Unbelievably, and perhaps aided by the chameleon’s ability to camouflage itself, her game was up when suspicious security staff spotted fellow passengers photographing the woman.
One witness said: “At first I thought it was plastic, but then I saw its tongue flick out. I could not believe she had travelled on a plane with it on her head.”

Content sourced from the Telegraph

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