Most bizarre complaints from holidaymakers…

Now us brits like a good moan from time to time but going on your holiday should be a fun and exciting time. A chance to get out and see the world and all it’s beauty. But that’s not the case for these British holidaymakers, read the bizarre complaints made to their tour operator…

1) Upon arrival in Portugal, one British family told their holiday rep of their distress at the sunny weather and complained that they were too “hot and sweaty” in their holiday clothes!

2) One man told staff of his irritation at the number of holidaymakers who travelled with plain black suitcases, hindering his attempts to find his own plain black suitcase on the airport conveyor belt!

3) Another woman wrote in to complain that her plane journey was a disappointment because the sky was far too cloudy, impeding the view for her and her children and spoiling their game of eye-spy!

4) Following a trip to a local theme park, another woman wrote to the travel agent to complain that the Log Flume ride made her feet wet and the sun was so strong that her ice cream melted too quickly!

5) One couple criticised the excellent children’s entertainment at their resort – so good, in fact, that their children didn’t want to spend any time with their parents!

In response to these bizzare complaints, the tour operator released the statement: “As much as we would like to guarantee that any problem will be dealt accordingly to prevent it from happening again, the weather, the alcohol being too strong, ice cream being too cold or planes flying too high are unfortunately completely out of our control!”*

* Source – The Telegraph (Sep 09)

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