Longstay travel tips for 2015

Longer stay travel is something which appeals to most people. The ability to say goodbye to the 9 to 5 and set off in search of adventure in a foreign country strikes a chord deep inside many of us, and thanks to cheaper and more accessible air travel more people than ever are taking the leap.

If you are planning a lengthy stay abroad or are just trying to persuade yourself that a long trip is a feasible one for you, then read on…

Plan ahead but be spontaneous

One of the most crucial aspects of any long stay travel is the planning, having an idea of where you are planning to visit and a rough timeline will ensure you stick to budget, see everything you want to see and get the most out of your trip.

Planning your accommodation and mode of travel is something which should always be considered. Not only does it give you the peace of mind that you have somewhere to stay and a way to get there, it also can save you a lot of money booking in advance as prices can tend to go up when giving less notice.

Planning your travel and accommodation ahead of time, also gives you the opportunity to plan the sights or activities you had in mind, giving you an idea of your overall schedule.

While planning is important, you should also allow yourself to get lost in the culture and explore your surroundings, without adhering to strict deadlines. Spontaneous and unplanned adventures can often be the most exciting and rewarding.

Keep track of your expenses

As with any kind of trip it is important to plan how much money you will need for the duration of your trip, this includes accommodation, travel, food, entertainment and any spending money for those giant sombreros, mini statue of liberties or any other tacky souvenirs you plan to bring back

Unlike normal holidays where you may be managing expense for 1 to 3 weeks, you will need to plan your budget a lot more carefully as you will be travelling for a lot longer, resisting the urge to blow all your money at your first stop will help you avoid cutting your trip short.

Take it slow

With the exciting prospect of all the sights you will see and all the people you will meet, you may feel the urge to rush into each new situation to make the most out of your time, but in doing so you may miss something altogether.

Take your time and experience everything that your destination has to offer, from local food, to the local entertainment. See the sights and the tourist traps but make sure you find the hidden beauty spots away from the hordes of travellers. This will give you a real insight into what your destination is really like.

Cover yourself

Travel insurance is always an important factor when planning a holiday, but when travelling for so long and through multiple destinations it is something which cannot be forgotten.

Insurance is there to ensure the show goes on regardless of what happens, helping you to avoid often expensive medical costs and including a 24 hour, 7 days a week medical emergency helpline for peace of mind.

For longer travel plans and multiple destination holidays it is always worth investigating the specialist travel options provided including longstay holiday cover, as you may find these more appealing for both cover levels as well as price points.

Remember why you are travelling

Everyone has their own reason for travelling, a break from their day to day lives, the chance to explore and experience new things or simply just escaping the winter weather in search for warmer climates.

Whatever your reason for travelling, make sure you remember it when you are out there, remember what you wanted to experience and make the most of your trip.