London 2012 Olympics Making People Re-Think Holidays

When I think about planning a holiday for 2012 (buying new shades, getting the summer wardrobe completed and booking my Single Trip Travel Insurance) one thing that I hadn’t thought about for this year was the London 2012 Olympics.

It’s easy to overlook as there are so many sporting events on (for me this mainly involves the Euro 2012 football to be honest) but the Olympics being hosted in the UK is a massive deal and perhaps one worth rearranging travel plans for?

It is not likely that in my lifetime (I’m 32 as I pen this blog post) that this will ever happen in the UK again so part of me feels some degree of guilt over the fact that I haven’t penned in any time to try to make the most out of this.

What made me feel even worse was the fact that (according to the Daily Mail) over 40 percent of British residents have in fact moved their holiday plans exactly for this reason.

So now (guilt doubled) I am thinking that I need to consider a day trip or a weekend in the capital city when it’s at its busiest and most expensive during the games to redress my guilt and feel that I am not as fickle as I fear I may be.

But now, mind wandering on holiday possibilities and the Euro 2012 football (of which I have watched every game to date) I am thinking about all those great other places to go; backpacking in Ireland maybe, a quick weekend trip to sunny Spain or perhaps Portugal, maybe push the boat out and take in some culture in Russia?

As yet my mind is undecided but I know that wherever I go I will still be “buying new shades, getting the summer wardrobe completed and booking my Single Trip Travel Insurance” – fickle? Me? Never.

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