iPhone 5 with the new IOS 7

iPhone 5s or 5c?

I bought the iPhone 4s a couple of years ago and as usual got bored and bought into the Samsung Galaxy S4 and signed up to 12 month contract. Now I’m bored of the S4 and want to go back to the iPhone – but do I go for the iPhone 5s or the 5c?

Launching on 20th September, the two new Apple iPhone’s are set to sell out fast with a pre-order only being available on the 5c.

The 5c is being seen as the ‘budget’ iPhone but still at a starting price of £469 for a 16GB model it is not a cheap phone by any means. It comes in five pastel colours and I suppose relates more to the younger generation. The iPhone 5s starts at £549 for a 16GB model and the colour options are gold, white or black.

But other than price and colour, what are the technical differences?

The 5c is basically last year’s iPhone 5 but more colourful. It also has a larger battery and a better camera on the front than the iPhone 5.

The 5s is going to be faster, with its A7 processor and 64-bit architecture M7 motion coprocessor (whatever that means) so from what I understand, quicker response time and better gaming quality! There is also a fingerprint sensor built into the Home button for extra security.

So what has this all got to do with travel?

Well, if I’m spending £549 (yep, I’ll go for the more expensive model) I want to make sure it’s fully protected next time I travel abroad – I’m certainly not going to leave my new toy at home! Most travel insurance policies will exclude mobile phones so you need to ensure you have cover elsewhere. You may have purchased mobile phone insurance with your provider or it may be worth taking out a separate gadget insurance policy elsewhere or you may already have it included with your home contents insurance or paid for bank account. Wherever the insurance is held, make sure you are covered abroad!

*prices taken from www.apple.com/uk/ on 17/9/13