Hotel upgrade tips

Have you ever heard stories about people who have been upgraded to better rooms in hotels and wondered how they managed that? We’ve compiled a list of tips which may help towards bagging yourself a free hotel upgrade…

Arrive later
By checking in later in the evening for your reservation, the nicer rooms the hotel would have been saving in the hope of selling may be given to you. Remember to advise the hotel in advance that you are running late, so they do not cancel your reservation!

Manners go a long way!
Being polite to hotel reception staff can go a long way. Especially if the receptionist has just dealt with a rude customer, that way your good manners will stand out even more. Just remember not to overdo it so that you come across as insincere.

Special occasion?
If you’re celebrating a special occasion such as an anniversary or birthday, tell the hotel reservations staff when making your booking. Quite often hotels will upgrade customers who are celebrating a special occasion as a goodwill gesture.

Continued business
If you’re planning to use the same hotel for future visits either for business trips or leisure, it can’t hurt to mention that you will be returning. Repeat guests make up the bulk of visitors to hotels, so they’ll want you to come back time and again.

Join the loyalty scheme
Many of the larger hotel chains have loyalty schemes that reward you for numerous visits. Often these are free and give you access to loads of extra benefits, often including free room upgrades.

Dress smart
How you appear can make a difference to your chances of an upgrade, especially if you are staying in a plush hotel. Hotels will not want you rubbing shoulders with their elite customers if you turn up looking scruffy demanding an upgrade.

If you check in and find your room is not how you expected it to be, then complain. Let the hotel reception know exactly why the room doesn’t meet your expectations and enquire if they have any better rooms. If the room does not meet your expectation, then it is reasonable to request an upgrade free of charge. If you offer to pay for an upgrade, it’s possible you may get it free of charge anyway by asking nicely.

Of course, bagging that upgrade can often be hit and miss. It can depend on whether the hotel member of staff is having a good or bad day, whether you get your timing right, how busy the hotel is, or even whether they like the look of you. What works in one hotel may not work in another but there’s no harm in trying.

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