Holidaymakers pack expensive belongings in suitcase

Research has found that the average British holidaymaking family crams £3,000 worth of clothes, gadgets and toiletries into their luggage worth almost three times as much as their holiday.

Typical travellers take £325 of clothes, £119 of shoes, flip-flops and wedges and £75 of accessories such as scarves, sarongs and hats. Expensive sunglasses to the value of £94 and jewellery as expensive as £236 is also packed. Toiletries, along with hair styling and shaving appliances can add another £293 to the suitcase contents value.

And to make sure the holiday is captured and relived long after it has ended, up to £1,000 of electrical goods are also packed, including camcorders, digital cameras and laptops. Bringing the total luggage cost to £3,174.65 – almost three times the £1,342 cost of an average package holiday.

Despite having such valuable possessions in tow, one in five holidaymakers do not take out travel insurance to cover lost or stolen luggage.

Jacky Brown, spokesman for Sheilas’ Wheels, the travel insurance firm which commissioned the research, said: ‘Brits need to learn to pack light. Not only would this reduce excess baggage fees, but it would also soften the blow if the luggage did go missing. When it comes to the crunch, most holidaymakers don’t even use half of the items they take with them.’

Holidaymakers are encouraged to insure luggage and double check what they are covered for.
Of the 3,000 holidaymakers polled, 34% said they had to buy an extra bag or suitcase on holiday to accommodate new purchases, as well as paying for excess baggage, with the suitcase and hand luggage itself costing another £51.23.

Given the amount of packing, it is perhaps little wonder that British tourists take so long to relax when away. A recent study revealed that it takes them an average of two and a half days at their destination to recover from preparing and getting there.

Packing was named as the biggest hassle by 40% of those recently polled for Farm and Cottage Holidays. They also spend up to eight days and 17 hours planning preparing for a holiday, the study found.

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