Holiday Showdowns

I read a great article in the Daily Mail today (in fact I read it online after seeing an interview on one of the mainstream news channels at about 6:30am) entitled “Bickering Briton: How couples row before they’ve even arrived at their holiday destination” and it made me think about holidays and there purposes and the common argument topics that crop up before you even go on holiday.

The key statistic from the article for me was that over 37% of couples when booking their dream holiday end up arguing over the booking process. I’m guessing that the booking process includes everything from choosing and paying for the holiday right down to booking holiday insurance and finding the best prices for your trip.

When thinking about this further (ok the sun was shining and my mind did float to other realms at stages) the 37% percent figure actually started changing in my mind from being something of a large amount of people and a surprising stat to something that I would imagine a great number of additional people falling into and asking myself how so many people didn’t manage to argue over this.

When going on holiday with a partner a key step is agreeing budgets, destinations, spending money amounts and finalising travelling checklists to make sure that all bases are covered. I think I usually would get through this stage without an argument as we are still at theory mode and nice to have thoughts so nothing here to drive a debate.

Next, you are in data collation mode and well in the midst of the price and offer comparison mindset. Here is where I think a lot of people will fall into this 37% figure. There are so many price comparison sites online, offline, in the phone book and in travel agents (just for the destination and ignoring for now the single trip travel insurance policy that you need – although at this stage you may not know that’s what it’s called yet or why you need this) that the sanest of people can be driven to frustration.

OK – you made it through this stage and have actually decided on the online travel company where you are going to place your business. You have even purchased and setup your backpacker insurance for two (as you have since changed your mind on where you are going and for how long and need some activities included to relieve some stress) so you’re nearly there.

You have gone through the online buying process, clicked all of the relevant boxes, entered in your personal details (several times) and are at the credit card stage – you are confident that you won’t be a “37 percent-er”.

You sit back, look at each other and then…

… argue about whose card to pay for the holiday on.

Welcome to the 37% statistic my friend and happy holidays.

Written by:
Lee Wilson – I have been active in the online arena since completing my degree in business from Winchester Uni in 2003. Career wise I have worked as an online and direct marketing manager within the financial services sector covering the UK and USA for over 7 years as well as setting up and running my own online business prior to specialising in SEO.  Please do follow me on Google Plus, LinkedIn, and/or follow me on Twitter.