Holiday ideas to bring back home

So, there are a lot of holiday activities that you are likely to take part in when your away that you wouldn’t necessarily want to bring back with you as something to continue when you return back to the UK. But you may also be surprised just how many positives that you can bring back with you and sow into your healthier living routine.

Trying new things:

I know for a fact that when I travel whether it is backpacking around the UK or cruising around the warmer climates of Europe, I always tend to try new things that I wouldn’t ordinarily at home. This ranges from trying new seafood at a restaurant to indulging in a higher priced bottle of wine. Imagine how many other experiences you would have if you could maintain this mindset when you return back home.

Making time for the morning meals:

I never eat breakfast when I’m at home in my regular routine. I get up most days around 6am, get ready, head off to the gym and aim to get into work a little early. If I’m lucky I will have remembered to pack some fruit and some snacks to work through at my desk throughout the morning – if I’m unlucky I can often go through to late afternoon without eating anything. But, when I’m on holiday I pretty much always set aside some time for a leisurely breakfast with my wife. It may be the fact that more often than not it’s part of the travel package deal to have buffets and/or food included at certain times of the day but it does fuel you throughout the day. I’m guessing making time for a morning meal will make you feel happier, healthier and give you more energy and vigour in the morning at least.

Midday napping:

Some cultures embrace a midday nap in a typical working day – this helps with productivity in the afternoon, is detailed as assisting with solving complex problems as well as deriving other gains. When on holiday we Brits often partake in this routine but as soon as we step back off the airplane we leave this routine behind us. I would love to be able to add this to myday (a 15 minute nap every now and then) and feel almost certain that I would get some of these aforementioned benefits.

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