Finding the right family holiday

It is time to book the family holiday and although exciting, this is also a time when skills that would be more likely seen at a United Nations conference are handy. Diplomacy and negotiation are important to finding the perfect family break. No one wants to spend a week or two with a family member whose moods bring the whole holiday down. Agreeing on everyone`s priorities is an absolute must and can only be done with a little pre-planning.

First you have to decide on your location. The idea of jetting off for two weeks of sun, sea and sand might sound appealing in the middle of a British winter but you have to consider whether staying in a part of the UK might actually offer you more in the way of activities. Not everyone in the family will want to spend two weeks with their snorkelling gear on!

Once you have all agreed where you are going then it is time to decide what type of accommodation you want to stay in. No one wants to be landed with all the cooking and cleaning of an exact home from home so you might consider a hotel. However, this can be quite restrictive and the family might need to split up into separate rooms. If you decide to stay in a villa or house then perhaps look for one with the option of maid service to alleviate any potential problems. Have everyone agree in advance what chores they will do and how often.

Everyone should be allowed to have a treat when on holiday and while for adults this might be a trip to a spa or a vineyard, for younger members of the family it might be the chance to go to a water park or take a theme based tour. As long as everyone has a chance to take part in an activity of their choice and agrees to let other family members do so too; then peace should reign.

Of course going away as a family is also a chance to spend some quality time together and talk and catch up. Everyone, including younger members of the family, has a busy life. Just think when was the last time your family sat down and caught up with what is going on with each other? The perfect family holiday should also include a little down time to talk and relax together.

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It is important to remember your family travel insurance when travelling together. By buying a family policy you are protecting everyone who is travelling and will make things easier in the even of a claim.