Finding the best travel insurance policy for you – Top 5 Tips

In at number 1 and the best travel tip for you (also my personal favourite) – Check that you are not already covered as this will save you time, energy and money. See, I told you that this was a good tip. I can hear you shout ‘why would I already be covered for travel insurance’ but there are a number of ways.

Firstly, you may have some degree of travel cover automatically included in your credit card company’s package. In some instances even opening new bank accounts can provide some degree of travel cover as an introductory offer or added incentive to open the account.

Home contents insurance can also include some level of cover for contents away from the home – so check this out as well. Be extra careful if using a travel insurance policy that has been included with your bank account/credit card. Sometimes there can be exclusions and age restrictions as well as most policies not including cover for pre-existing medical conditions. This means that if you were to make a claim it won’t be paid, rendering the travel insurance policy useless.

Always the bridesmaid but never the bride and supporting number 1 we have travel tip number 2 – Check whether you need specialist travel insurance for things like activity holidays, adventure travel and general longer stay holidays where you are likely to participate in a wider range of activities. There is little point having travel insurance in pace unless it covers everything that you need it to.

Like my favourite Rocky film (number 3 featuring Mr T as Clubber Lang) and now getting slightly more serious we have travel tip 3 – Don’t uncheck all of the options when you are getting a quote online as although you get the physiological buzz of watching the premium decrease in front of your eyes those options are there for a reason. Submitting incorrect information can often result in voiding the policy and as such you are then paying less but getting nothing (most likely not even peace of mind when travelling as there will be some doubt in your mind about this).

All the fours, tip number 4 – How many times are you going to, or hoping to, go away this year? If you are looking at more than one trip abroad then you might want to investigate the multi trip travel insurance policy. This may be packaged as an annual travel policy, a gap year policy, an annual multi trip travel policy, gap year etc – there are a few variations and each will have specific options that may make them more suitable to you but they may end up saving you money.

And in memory of a great 80’s movie, Jonny 5 we have tip number 5 – Getting the right coverage. Always check small prints, and when looking at like for like policies ensure that you are comparing packages and features correctly. Look for things link medical cover, lost/misplaced luggage cover, cancellation clauses, personal liability and more.

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