What does the evolution of cruises mean to holiday makers?

Cruises have long been a firm favourite of the travel industry, attracting millions of people each year to set sail on the enormous vessels.

Once seen as a holiday exclusively for the elderly or retired, the travel industry has been working hard to prove that it can become and appealing option for holiday makers of any age.

Often referred to as floating cities, they offer an impressive amount of variety to would be cruisers, some more impressive than others.

Themed cruises have started to gain popularity in recent years with everything from Elvis inspired cruises to those dedicated solely to star trek enthusiasts however, no matter the diversity on board, one thing which doesn’t tend to vary that much are the destinations.

Typically staying in warmer climates, cruise liners tend to follow the same routes. All this has been turned on its head however by a company planning to take the first passenger cruise ship through the notorious Northwest Passage.

A cruise through the unknown

The Northwest Passage has only been navigated a handful of times by large scale ships, the first of which was an icebreaking super tanker fairly recently.

Climate change has been named as the smoking gun which has increased accessibility in this area, melting ice sheets which had previously covered the expanse, opening the passage considerably.

The cruise will consist of flexible “expedition days” which will give occupants the opportunity to explore the frozen tundra, try kayaking around the ice sheets and hopefully encounter some of the local wildlife up close and personal.

Even with less surface ice in the area, this journey is still full of potential dangers with a long history of shipwrecks to account for its reputation. An interesting and new adventure for those who who cruise often or even if it’s your first cruise.

What about cruise travel insurance?

Specialist cruise insurance is always best when booking a cruise. Most traditional travel insurance policies won’t provide cover for cruise specific items such as high cancellation limits and cover if you are confined to your cabin.

It is always best to check any specific details regarding your trip with your insurance provider if you are concerned about any aspects of your trip, they will be able to give you direct and accurate information on what you are covered for. For an idea of the types of activities, FAQs and more checkout our cruise travel insurance section of the website.

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